Prehnite Healing properties and uses

prehnite meaning

Prehnite Healing properties and uses

Prehnite is a powerful healing crystal known for its calming and grounding properties. Its unique energy helps to soothe the mind and promote inner peace, making it an ideal choice for meditation and stress relief. Prehnite is also said to enhance spiritual connection and intuition, making it a popular choice among those looking to develop their psychic abilities. In addition to its mental and spiritual benefits, Prehnite is also known for its physical healing properties. It's said to boost the immune system, aid in the healing of wounds, and promote overall well-being. Whether you're looking to improve your mental, spiritual, or physical health, Prehnite is a versatile and potent crystal that is well worth adding to your collection.
If you are interested in gemstones and their characteristics, you may have questions like “what is prehnite” and “what does prehnite do” in your mind. Continue reading this piece to learn about prehnite crystals and their notable attributes.
Prehnite is a calcium aluminum silicate mineral named after Colonel Hendrik Von Prehn, the discoverer of the crystal. He discovered some of the first Prehnite gems in 1788, somewhere in South Africa. 
In this post, we will go over Prehnite’s spiritual meaning and what Prehnite is suitable for. 
What is Prehnite Crystal?
 prehnite crystal meaning
You may be wondering what is prehnite stone. Well, it is an insolicate composed of aluminum and calcium. It solidifies as a botryoidal or stalactic aggregation. In this crystal, only the contours of the refined grains exhibit visible facets. Usually, these are invariably mixed or twisted. 
It is a stone with gentle green undertones that is light in color. Prehnite also contains soft orange tones in an uncommon variation. Prehnite also has incredible healing properties and prehnite metaphysical properties
The most popular Prehnite used for its soothing properties is identified by its peppermint color and cloudy tone. Additionally, it features a small amount of texture and white vein-like lines that blend into one another. 
While the intricate stone does not officially form any part of the zeolite family, it is possible to mind Prehnite in the same regions as zeolite. 
Many people ask questions like “is prehnite rare?” Not long ago, the prehnite crystal was considered a collectible gemstone. However, newer deposits have rendered this jewel much more easily accessible. 
Today, it is famous goes by the name “grape jade” in China and other parts of the world. The name became famous for the modular patterns that make the gem look like a cluster of grapes. Generally, grape jade features a mellow apple-green hue, which is distinctive to the prehnite crystal. The stone may come in shades such as orange, blue, and yellow.
You may even find Prehnite by the name of “new jade” in many crystal shops. 

Prehnite Meaning

“New Jade” or Prehnite is known as the “healer’s gemstone” and “stone of magic.” It is also famously referred to as the crystal of compassion and kindness. Prehnite crystal meaning holds a significant value in many people’s lives. 
This jewel helps wearers and people around it by uplifting their vibrational energies, attracting a sense of preparedness and abundance. According to popular beliefs, it contains a special kind of energy that can give you a gift of prophecy. As such, Prehnite also helps improve intuitive knowledge and foresight. Wearing the stone in jewelry allows you to be prepared for life at all times. 
Additionally, the refreshing color adds to the prehnite crystal’s tranquility, which helps people connect with nature on a deeper level. A greater sense of harmony with nature can attract peace and protection. 
Besides cultivating an appreciation for nature, the prehnite stone emphasizes a way of living that aligns with the natural elements. As a result, letting go of people and things that no longer serve you becomes much more manageable. Wearing the stone may also assist those who tend to bottle up their affection and feelings.

Healing Properties of Prehnite




Are you wondering what is Prehnite good for? The crystal offers fantastic healing benefits to help improve your emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical well-being.
Emotional Healing
As mentioned before, Prehnite is a powerful crystal with soothing properties that provide safety and serenity. The presence of this crystal in any environment can transform the atmosphere into a therapeutic haven. 
Prehnite enables you to live in harmony with the positive energies around you while regenerating and rejuvenating your senses. If you suffer from emotional restlessness, prehnite crystal can help you see how eliminating certain circumstances can enhance your life. 

Mental and Psychological Healing

Prehnite can stimulate the Third Eye Chakra to increase your memory by cleansing the brain. It prepares your mind to accept and remember new knowledge. Although it is not an alternative for medical treatment, Prehnite can dramatically improve your symptoms of memory impairment. Additionally, it strengthens the brain and its relationship with the body. 

Physical Healing

The prehnite stone can provide physical strength when worn out and weak. It prepares you for physically demanding activities, improving your performance at work, etc. The crystal also boosts metabolism, encouraging the speedy elimination of toxins from the body. Not forgetting, it can strengthen your immunity and enhance your body’s healing system. 

Spiritual Healing

Does astrology fascinate you? If so, you will love the devotional capabilities of Prehnite. Several centuries ago, South Africans popularly used this crystal in divine practices. It is considered to help establish a strong bond between the two worlds of the body and soul. Prehnite is excellent for improving perception. 

The Uses of Prehnite Stone

Prehnite is a famous stone in various jewelry pieces, including bracelets, rings, and pendants. Therefore, it is natural to wonder what Prehnite is. Let us go over Prehnite’s uses in jewelry and meditation. We will also discuss how Prehnite affects your chakras.

Prehnite in Jewelry

Wearing a piece of the new jade stone enhances your creative impulses by activating the heart chakra. 
You may want to consider wearing a prehnite pendant if you feel restless and anxious too often. It can increase your vital energy and encourage a deep connection between intuitive knowledge and spirit. Similarly, a prehnite ring can provide divine and human healing alike. On the other hand, you can wear a prehnite bracelet to increase your focus and diffuse the emotions that influence your performance. 

Prehnite in Meditation

Many experts advocate for the use of Prehnite in meditation. It can serve as a visualization tool to improve your experience and attract better and increased results. Ideally, you want to hold a piece of Prehnite to express your desires, objectives, and aspirations. Regularly connecting with the gemstone can help keep your objectives active. In meditation, Prehnite can help empower you, giving you a sense of control over your fate and future. It increases your vibrations, keeping you in touch with your inner energy. 
Prehnite vs. Chakras
People become judgmental when their Solar Plexus Chakra is not in sync. They may also become troublemakers in various areas, needing continuous improvement. These individuals also start assuming that nobody recognizes or appreciates their accomplishments and achievements. If you are experiencing a similar situation, consider using the prehnite stone on your Solar Plexus Chakra. It can help you develop understanding and clarity, removing negative thoughts. 
How to Care for Prehnite Crystal
Many people have questions regarding how they can care for their prehnite crystals. Let us address some common questions and concerns. 
How to Cleanse Prehnite
How to Charge Prehnite
Charging crystals helps increase their energy levels after cleansing or use. The simplest way to charge a prehnite is by putting it under running water. It is best to find a natural water source to charge Prehnite. Many people ask questions like “can prehnite go in the water.” Well, you can put it under running water for charging. 
Can Prehnite be in the Sun?
Typically, prehnite crystals do well in cool and dark places. Overexposure to the sun or air can cause the stone’s color to fade.
Can Prehnite Get Wet?
Putting the prehnite stone in water does not harm the crystal’s appearance or metaphysical properties. As such, it is generally safe and unharmed in water. 
Bottom Line
Prehnite is a popular crystal, also commonly known as new jade. Its soft hues in shades of green bring serenity and tranquility, reminding you of nature’s beauty. As such, the prehnite stone can help create harmony between you and the universe. Additionally, it has incredible healing properties and exceptional benefits to improve your emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical health. 


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