Top 10 Crystals for Libras

best crystals for libra zodiac

Top 10 Crystals for Libras


The top 10 crystals for the Libra zodiac sign resonate with this sign’s appreciation for all things beautiful, their need for balance and integration, and their fun-loving tendencies. The chosen crystals also address Libra’s need to recharge and fill their own spiritual cup before pouring out onto others.


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Top Healing Crystals for Libra

Tigers eye crystal

Tiger’s Eye- SHOP HERE

As a cardinal air sign, Libra’s mind is always buzzing with a new idea, an old memory, or explosive creative energy. Tiger’s Eye can help Libras focus on the task at hand. And keep this emotionally-driven sign from making impulsive decisions. Tiger’s Eye will allow the creative Libra to take actionable steps toward’s a goal or idea instead of just daydreaming about them.

Labradorite - SHOP HERE

Labradorite crystal
Seeking equality and justice in all situations, Libras spend a lot of energy ensuring they always do what is right and fair. Represented by the scales, they are constantly weighing the pros and cons of every possible outcome. Labradorite awakens intuition and allows Libra to move through life with a sense of deep knowing and self-trust. It can also eliminate the symptoms of overthinking, including anxiety and stress.


Rose quartz
Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, the planet of love, beauty, art, and indulgence. Libra is known to be captivated by shiny things, but Rose Quartz will always use this expressive sign to remain aligned with their heart chakra. Rose Quartz will guide Libra in love and help them attract people that can inspire them emotionally and creatively and not just aesthetically. 

Amazonite - SHOP HERE

Amazonite crystal
To recharge and recalibrate, the social Libra can turn to Amazonite. Libra tends to make everyone comfortable and promotes unity. Even at the cost of their own truths. It’s not that they put on a fake face, but it’s essential that everyone feels seen, heard, and respected. Amazonite puts Libra in touch with their values and purpose. Serving as a beacon of light, Amazonite will ensure a Libra never forgets who they are and what they stand for.

Citrine -  SHOP HERE

Citrine Crystal
Libra air signs are very ambitious and always in pursuit of their next big goal. Citrine inspires and motivates Libra to keep going. It energizes the solar plexus, allowing Libra to stand in their power and exude confidence and joy. Citrine can also enhance the pleasure in mundane but necessary activities that Libras aren’t fond of. Citrine is also a powerful manifestation crystal. Libras can work with citrine to attract their dream life and encourage them to stay aligned with their intentions.


Quartz amplifies the power of other crystals, but more importantly, it can clear brain fog that can plague the overactive mind of a Libra. Quartz helps Libras be more decisive and sure of themselves. This common crystal promotes an optimistic perspective and encourages Libra to stay in the present moment instead of ruminating on the past or anticipating the future.
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For the Libras born in October, this is the birthstone. This will enhance Libra’s artistic expression and protect them from bouts of sadness. Opal is a particularly lucky stone and is best used when worn as jewelry to an important event or meeting. Libras are very sensitive and empathic, Opal can protect them from absorbing unwanted energy or vibes from others.


garnet crystal meaning
Romantic relationships are of high importance to Libras. They love to love and be loved. However, they can get bored once a relationship has passed the honeymoon phase. Garnet will help reignite passion and zest into a maturing connection. Garnet can keep love young and fun, which is important to the Libran lover. Garnet will also allow Libra to stay in tune with themselves and accept when a relationship is over and know when to walk away.


Pyrite crystal
Just like the double-shot espresso iced latte they order religiously, Pyrite is the burst of energy a Libra needs to take action on their elaborate plans. Libras are known for cultivating ideas but need that extra push to create forward movement. Pyrite helps take Libra out of their head and into their bodies and become practical about what they want to achieve.
Sometimes. A Libra sun sign will shrink their personality and style in fear of being considered “too much” for others. Emerald gives permission to Libra to be all they can be. The world misses out when Libra doesn’t shine as bright as she wants to. Emerald encourages heart-centered behavior and soothes unpredictable bouts of emotions. But most importantly, it brings out the best in a lovely libra who was never properly encouraged to be themself.
Keep these crystals at your bedside, desk, worn as jewelry, or keep them as your pocket-sized allied. Meditating and manifesting with these crystals are a powerful way for Libra to activate its intentions and purpose. Crystals for Libras are inherently grounding and evoke feelings of security, abundance, and happiness--all of which a Libra can never live without.
best crystals for libra
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