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CALM Pouch - Lepidolite / White Howlite

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White Howlite & Leipidolite are known to foster positive energy. When paired together, they create a powerful duo, balancing one's emotions and promoting inner peace. Calming both the mind and the spirit, they have been known to help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.

Comes with 2 palm stones, a pouch and crystal collector card to inform you of the healing properties and uses of each crystal 

As a metaphysical property, lepidolite is a talisman that attracts happiness, prosperity and vibrant health. This delicate lilac purple-colored stone is emotionally soothing, brings calmness to the mind, and enhances spiritual awareness. It generates thoughts of compassion and understanding toward others. As an aid to self-forgiveness, it offers acceptance, releases resentment, and restores self-esteem.

White Howlite is an exceptionally calming and soothing stone that promotes peaceful sleep. It's also known for promoting calm and easing stress. Howlite holds natural energy that carries a sense of nurturing, support, protection, purity, and clarity. When you hold or wear this crystal, it may help you concentrate on your goals while releasing fear, worry or self-doubt. 

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