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Lapis Lazuli Sphere

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  • Chakra Healing: crown, third eye, throat
  • Weight: 0.4409lb

Lapis Lazuli Sphere


Comes with a lapis lazuli crystal collectors card. 

Approximately 2 inches. 

WHY • To claim ownership over your own inner kingdom. To align with your soul’s destiny of inner peace and well-being. To bring together all the sacred nodes of oneness and truth inside you. Lapis lazuli is imbued with the magic of intuition, allowing its guardian to unlock their psychic potential.

HOW • This healing crystal breaks down the energetic effects of stress, acting as a protective talisman against any and all psychic attacks. In encouraging objectivity, it allows its guardian to connect with their creative, truth-guided potential. Lapis lazuli reminds us of the power of self-knowledge, from which harmony flows and abounds.

WHERE • Given its protective properties, lapis lazuli can be used to aid the immune system. It can soothe inflammation and promote flow in areas of physical and metaphysical build-up. Use this stone on and around your throat chakra to harness its healing properties for the respiratory system.

MANTRA • I claim my divinity as I walk in my creative truth.

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