7 of the Best Crystals for Sagittarius

best crystals for sagittarius

The Best Crystals for Sagittarius

Each zodiac sign resonates with particular crystals based on their healing properties, colors, and vibrations. During this Sagittarius Season, let’s explore the gemstones that resonate with this zodiac sign’s frequencies and traits. 
The Astrology of Sagittarius
Sagittarius is associated with philosophy, truth, spirituality, seeking, and consciousness expansion. As a fire sign, this means the crystals that resonate with Sagittarius tend to carry warmer vibrations and mystical properties.  
Some people have more Sagittarius energy than others, so if you were born when the Sun was in Sagittarius or if you have other planets in this sign, including the Moon, Venus, Mercury, or Jupiter, for example, then the crystals described in this article can be particularly supportive of your journey. 
However, once a year, the Sun returns to the sign of Sagittarius from approximately November 22nd-December 20th, giving everyone an opportunity to vibe into the themes related to this sign. 

7 of the Best Crystals for Sagittarius 

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Here are seven of the best crystals for Sagittarius energy including black obsidian, sodalite, citrine, carnelian, pyrite, labradorite, and amethyst. Explored below are their metaphysical properties and why they resonate with this zodiac sign. 

Black Obsidian


Metaphysical Properties: Protective, grounding, deflects negative energies
Why for Sagittarius?
Black Obsidian is a smooth volcanic glass that carries very grounding energies. It can be supportive for the passionate Sagittarius person. This zodiac sign moves through life swiftly--sometimes even brashly. Having a piece of black obsidian in your pocket during this time of year or if you have a birth chart heavily weighted in Sagittarius, allows you to keep a level head even when things get heated. 
This stone can also create a barrier of protection, creating a shield that deflects negative moods, emotions, and intentions. It allows the Sagittarius person to stand firmly in their sense of self and personal values without letting any temperamental emotions get tangled up in the moment. 
Obsidian also relates to the fiery element of Sagittarius. Being made from the heat of a volcano demonstrates this sign’s ability to cut to the heart of the matter, getting past pretense in order to sit with ultimate truths in all their complex and beautiful paradoxical nature.   




Metaphysical Properties: Truth, communication
Why for Sagittarius?
Sodalite is a speckled deep azure blue and white crystal that is extremely supportive in having clear communication. Sagittarius is associated with seeking truth, the higher mind, and exploring the meaning behind life’s biggest questions. They are the philosophers of the zodiac wanting to discuss and pontificate around their favorite topics. 
Sodalite is excellent at cleansing the space around the Throat Chakra, helping Sagittarius folks to open the way for increased potency in the delivery of their message, ideas, and opinions. This gemstone supports articulating one’s truth and expressing oneself in a way that feels genuine and authentic. 
In addition, Sagittarius tends to find themselves in roles that involve teaching, public speaking, writing, or other forms of information exchange and sharing. Wearing this crystal as a pendant for anyone involved in these types of activities can help one speak on their passions with fierce confidence. 


Metaphysical Properties: Willpower, courage, creativity
Why for Sagittarius?
Citrine is a pale clear yellow crystal that resonates well with Sagittarius’ courage and willpower. This sign tends to be naturally confident; sure of themselves and their convictions. Citrine is excellent for bringing one’s vision into manifestation, therefore, it aligns well with Sagittarius’ desire to disseminate and share their perspectives with the world. 
Sagittarius represents bigger picture thinking, so working with citrine crystals can help you to express yourself, your imagination, and your creativity with a better sense of your impact and meaning. It helps one move past imposter syndrome and blocks that get in the way of achieving dreams. Citrine is particularly supportive in accessing a sense of alignment with your deep or higher self, paving the way for goals related to life purpose to be accomplished. 
Keep a piece of citrine around your creative or workspaces for increased stamina to make it through tasks. When embarking on the adventure of expressing your vision in the world, in whatever form that may be, it helps to have citrine’s powerful sense of focus and direction to manifest your unique perspective. 



Metaphysical Properties: Taking action, adventure, spirit, sexuality 
Why for Sagittarius?
Carnelian is a bright orange crystal that represents having courage and passion when taking action. Sagittarius is an adventurous zodiac sign but also tends to live in the more heady and cerebral parts of themselves, making them true idealists. Carnelian, therefore, is supportive in bringing the spirit of your goals into reality. 
This crystal can break through blocks that keep you from realizing your potential. It helps you to embrace your life force and passion that fuels your creativity. It can cloak you in confidence and fearlessness in approaching your desires. Sexuality can be awakened when working with this crystal, helping to further encourage living in alignment with your passion. 
This stone is also helpful for those who want to travel and expand their sense of consciousness. It helps open the base chakras including the Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus in order to manifest purpose and meaning through action. Sagittarius tends to have a fierce sense of social justice, therefore, the carnelian can bring an increased sense of courage to this type of work. 


Metaphysical Properties: Prosperity, abundance, spiritual growth, positivity
Why for Sagittarius?
Pyrite is a metallic stone that forms in a unique block pattern. It represents abundance and propensity which makes it a perfect stone for Sagittarius people or for people wanting to embrace the Sagittarius themes of growth and success. 
This zodiac sign is ruled by Jupiter, the planet symbolic of luck and expansion. Having a piece of pyrite in your pocket can increase your ability to have an abundance mindset. It can help you invite more material and spiritual abundance into your life overall. 
Jupiter also represents growth through experiences. If you are wanting to invite more opportunities into your life, then pyrite is an important ally. It can accompany you on a spiritual growth journey or career path as it can support shifting your vision towards successfully and positively showing up as yourself in the world. 
labradorite crystal


Metaphysical Properties: Mysticism, intuitive abilities, protection
Why for Sagittarius?
Labradorite is an earthy stone that has shimmery vivid greens and blues across its surface. This is a gemstone of mysticism and spirituality, which are areas of life that can be deeply important to a Sagittarius. This sign is associated with spiritual studies, belief systems, and cosmology, making labradorite an excellent ally for this zodiac sign. 
Intuition and spiritual abilities can be enhanced when working with this gemstone. Wear a piece of labradorite set in a ring or on a bracelet when doing rituals or spiritual practices. It can help you awaken to your spiritual path and know what beliefs and spiritual studies may be important for you to undertake. 
Labradorite is also very protective and can help the spirited Sagittarius have a better sense of when to be vulnerable and when to share their beliefs, ideas, and thoughts. It can help you better ascertain who in your life is meant to have access to the deeper parts of yourself. 


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Metaphysical Properties: Lucid dreaming, meditation, journeys, journeying 
Why for Sagittarius?
Sagittarius is associated with travel of all types including consciousness travel through dreams or meditation and actual travel in waking life. For this reason, amethyst is a very supportive stone for those who engage in spiritual practices involving journeying, meditation, and lucid dreaming. 
Sleep with amethyst under your pillow or on your nightstand to increase dream recall or hold onto a piece while you meditate. You can also bring a piece of amethyst with you when you take trips, travel, or move around. This crystal’s spiritual purple color opens the Crown Chakra helping you experience more meaning in your life’s adventure. 
Final Thoughts
Sagittarius Season opens the way for spiritual seeking and growth. This fire sign represents awakened passions and expanded perspectives. The crystals explored here can increase the ability to dive into the realms of spiritual exploration and learning. Ally with these seven crystals for directing the flow of your mystic passion as a vital being in the collective vision of creation. 
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