Best Crystals for Scorpio

best crystals for scorpio

Best Crystals for Scorpio


Scorpio Season 2022 is from October 23rd through November 22nd. During this time, we are all under the Sunbeams of Scorpio and will find themes related to this sign that characterize our experiences. Here are the best crystals for the Scorpio zodiac sign, let’s get into it!


Scorpio Key Themes 


Scorpio tends to come with a reputation for being intense, deep, and perceptive. These qualities make this sign one who will ask important questions, investigate situations, and dance with the mysteries of being. They are adept at penetrating beneath the surface to uncover the truth, meaning, and purpose of the world around them. Here are some key Scorpio themes to keep in mind: 


  • Deep emotions
  • Tenacious mindset
  • Strong leadership qualities
  • Clear boundaries
  • Spiritual questioning
  • Observant 
  • Investigative 
  • Truth-seeking
  • Passion and sensuality 
  • Embodiment practices 


Scorpio’s Element: Water

Each zodiac sign is assigned an element in astrology, either earth, water, air, or fire. Scorpio is categorized with the water signs along with Cancer and Pisces. The water element represents empathy, emotions, subtle senses, intuition, and wisdom. 


The water signs are often the ones to see what someone needs to feel better, provide care, and understand the emotional dimension of life. For Scorpio, they connect to the deepest aspects of water. This sign dips far into the wells of wisdom that are within the human psyche, body, and soul. 


They see what emotions underlie people’s actions and can sense, feel, and experience things deeply. At the same time, they are a very private sign, so rarely will they express these strongly held emotions to anyone but those closest to them. 


The 8 Best Crystals for Scorpio

Scorpio can work with a wide range of crystals from the spiritually opening to the more earthy and body-centering gemstones. This sign is ruled by Mars, the planet of passion and drive as well as Pluto, the planet of transformation and depth. Keep these traits in mind as we explore the following list of the eight best crystals for the Scorpio zodiac sign. 



Properties: Protective, boundaries, grounding, re-centering 


For the potent emotional experiences that Scorpio tends to go through, hematite ensures they can stay grounded through the process. This dense gemstone tethers the spirit to the body, earth, and physical world. It reminds you of the importance of embodiment and keeping your physical needs in mind. 


In addition, hematite is associated with protection and setting boundaries, which can be an excellent gemstone to ally with when you have a difficult or challenging situation to face. If you feel anxious about a situation and need to stand up for yourself, set boundaries, or state your truth, then hematite can help you maintain a steady sense of self through the process. 



  1. Amethyst

amethyst crystal for sale


Properties: Spiritual connections, de-stressing, reducing anxiety, balancing emotions


Amethyst connects to the spiritual realms as well as the emotional body, bringing balance to the emotions and calm to the overall aura and energetic field. It is excellent for the Scorpio who wants to unearth the mystic within. 


This crystal can bring you into alignment with your spiritual path and purpose. It can help clear the way of stress, obstacles, and anxiety to reveal your gifts and talents. In addition, it opens the way for connection to the divine, the universe, and all of nature and existence. Hold onto an amethyst when meditating and see what spiritual insights awaken for you. 


  1. Malachite



Properties: Courage, confidence, abundance, creativity, clearing obstacles and negativity 


A stone of abundance, creativity, and renewal, malachite is excellent for the success-driven sides of Scorpio. This zodiac sign utilizes their immense drive, stamina, and willpower to see their goals through to the end. It helps open the Heart Chakra to align your actions toward your desires and dreams. 


Malachite supports increased confidence and courage as well as will help clear obstacles from your path. It helps to transform situations to work in your favor. In addition, this crystal can support unlocking your creativity and helps you stir up brilliant ideas and innovations. Have malachite around when you are working on healing around holding onto stuck patterns in order to invite more bold self-expression into your life. 


  1. Sodalite



Properties: Clear communication, enhances intuition, uncovers truths, clarity, psychic abilities


The deep-ranging blues of sodalite indicate its properties as a stone of communication. Scorpio is a naturally intuitive and instinctive sign, therefore, sodalite serves to enhance these abilities and bring clarity to them. 


It helps open the Throat Chakra so you can speak in resonance with your heart and mind. This gemstone is perfect for working on awakening psychic abilities and inviting in clear messages from the spirit realms. 


Scorpios are known for their piercing ability to see things objectively and to analyze and understand things thoroughly. Sodalite supports the ability to discern, comprehend, and deepen your knowledge on a path to truth and heightened awareness. 


  1. Blue Calcite



Properties: Harmonizing emotional body, healing, graciousness, enhances gentleness 


Blue calcite is the perfect calm to Scorpio’s occasional internal storms. This milky blue crystal allows for the ease of emotions and peace to settle through the entire emotional body. It is perfect for someone who has frayed nerves or has been under a heavy amount of stress. 


When going through deep healing work, blue calcite can come in and gently add a bubble of protection around the body, self, and soul. It enhances the graciousness you have for yourself and others and invites space for your unique healing process. This gemstone supports you to have moments of calm, relaxation, and deep rest. 


  1. Opal

Properties: Passion, love, desire, sexuality, self-expression, lifting spirits, creativity


Opal relates to the intense passion and sensuality that Scorpio is often associated with. They are led by their desire. This gemstone is perfect for expressing yourself through your body, increasing confidence, and lifting your spirits if you are feeling down. Opal is known to help lower inhibitions and stir up the creative juices within you. 


As a sign of the fixed modality, this means that Scorpio can sometimes feel blocked, stubborn, or stuck in life. Opal warms up this tendency and melts rigid patterns that no longer serve you. It helps to bring some fire into your experiences with gentleness and ease. 


  1. Tourmaline

tourmaline crystal


Properties: Increases understanding, healing, balance, protection


A stone of balance and understanding, tourmaline supports Scorpio's complex experiences in life and relationships. These crystals bring healing to painful situations and energetic protection for the empathic Scorpio. Tourmaline can help mitigate negative energies and support the healing of the entire self. 


This is a gemstone that supports the healthy development of close friendships and intimate relationships. It can help Scorpio to open up to their vulnerabilities and allow for trust to blossom between them and others as a result. If you are dealing with heartache or grief, then tourmaline can come in and help you move through these difficult experiences. 


  1. Citrine

citrine crystal meaning


Properties: Creativity, expression, confidence, willpower, discipline, vitality, life force


The brightness of citrine opens up worlds to the Scorpio soul who dreams and desires to express their creativity with confidence. This sign often has a huge storehouse of innovative ideas just waiting to be shared with others. Citrine can support you in your endeavors and open the way for increased success. 


It helps to remove creative blocks in the Solar Plexus Chakra and enhances your experiences of your own drive and willpower. Citrine can bring clear steps to a plan and support stamina and follow through to get to the end goal. It is excellent for the determined and tenacious Scorpio season. 



The variety of gemstones for Scorpio creates a brightly woven tapestry of energies to work with. Give yourself permission to go as deep as possible into the corners of your psyche and soul. See what is there and feel supported by the gemstones that ground, uncover truths, and cloak you in gentleness and ease as you travel along the paths of self-discovery and empowerment. 



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