Best Protection Crystals for the Home

Best Protection Crystals for the Home

Best Protection Crystals for the Home

Crystals are an excellent ally when it comes to keeping your living space clear and energetically protected. This article will share some of the best gemstones to keep in your home for protection and how to work with them. 

What is protection? 

crystals for protection

Let’s start by defining what protection really means when we are talking about the metaphysical properties of crystals. 


Have you ever entered a store, building, or room and just felt a “vibe”? This could have been due to the energies that have been collected there. Maybe something intense took place in that space and left an energetic imprint behind. If you are psychically or intuitively sensitive, then you are more likely to pick up on and be impacted by the energy signatures that tend to linger or settle in your home. 


The universe is made up of energy and it fills the spaces we occupy and move through. Therefore, utilizing crystals for protection can help mitigate these effects when it comes to your home by clearing, blocking, and setting the energy in a way that works best for you.   

7 Best Protection Crystals for the Home  

The list below reviews seven of the best protection crystals for the home and how to use them. Keep in mind that all of the stones listed have metaphysical protective qualities but will work in varying ways and for different types of protection. 


  1. Smoky Quartz

 smoky quartz crystal


Qualities: Clearing, boundaries, blocking negative energies


Where to put: Next to electronics, in workspaces, in the kitchen 


Smoky quartz is one of the best all-purpose crystals for protection as it absorbs negative or harmful energies from the environment. It is instrumental if you work with a lot of electronics or other machinery and can protect you from the energetic waves that these devices emit. This helps keep your mind clear and energy strong. 


This gemstone can pull in vibrations that are ‘off’ or stagnant. It is excellent to use in your house as it can be placed near devices as well as keep negative vibes at bay. Ensure that you are cleansing this crystal regularly, along with the other stones on this list, as they tend to absorb a lot of energy from the environment. You will want to ensure you give them regular resets if you are using it often for protection purposes. 


  1. Amethyst




Qualities: Creates serenity, calms energy, soothes tension


Where to put: Bedroom, bathroom, spiritual spaces and altars 


Amethyst has long been known for its protective qualities and is perfect for when you want to add spiritual protection to your spaces. This vibrational purple gemstone brings in a gentle barrier of protection around you and your loved ones. 


If you live with a lot of people or have to deal with a lot of stress then having amethyst in your space can really support the mood. It helps ease tension, anxiety, fears, and worries. Its calming energy allows for peaceful vibrations to flow through your space. It is great to have in your bedroom to enhance a peaceful night's rest without the potential upset of bad dreams or interrupted sleep. 


  1. Black Tourmaline



Qualities: Grounding, centering, clearing 


Where to put: By doorway entrances, near your bed, living room spaces


Black tourmaline is both cleansing and protective, making it a great stone to gently remove cluttered energy from space while simultaneously keeping other energies out. This gemstone is extremely grounding and therefore can help sensitive people feel more rooted in themselves and confident in sensing the energies that might be around. Armed with this knowledge you will have a better idea of what your home might need in order to create your best feeling of sanctuary. 


Black tourmaline is best placed in a room where people might gather or a lot of people or traffic tends to pass through. The common living spaces, such as the living room or kitchen, benefit from the uplifting, centering, and clearing energies that this crystal can provide. 


  1. Fluorite



Qualities: Clarity, balance, transparent decision-making 


Where to put: Office spaces, kitchen, bedroom, by the front door


Fluorite is a beautiful stone that supports calm, harmony, and balance. It is also very clarifying which makes it a wonderful ally to have near your front door where you might store coats, keys, wallets, etc. This can ensure that these things get a nice cleansing vibration in between uses. 


The gemstone’s energy protects your items holding onto the energies of the outside world that you might have picked up throughout the day. It keeps things harmonious and flowing. 


Fluorite is also great in spaces where you have to get work done keeping your mind clear of confusion, brain fog, or misplacing items. Wherever you tend to do business such as at the kitchen table or a home office space, fluorite is especially supportive for being able to complete these tasks protecting you from outside energetic distractions. 


  1. Obsidian



Qualities: Empowerment, healing, creating boundaries 


Where to put: Corners of any room 


A powerful energetic stone for setting good boundaries is obsidian. This gemstone is known to enhance your relationship with the unseen and the spiritual worlds, making it an excellent gemstone when you want to amp up your spiritual practices but also ensure you keep unwanted energies out. 


Obsidian helps you get in touch with your personal power and set desired boundaries with others, keeping you safe, rooted, and protected. It is also great for healing rituals and can be kept near bedsides to support the healing process, creating a gentle barrier of protection. 


  1. Selenite



Qualities: Spiritual cleansing, creates calm, harmony 


Where to put: Near bookshelves, altar spaces, storage areas, common areas


A stone that tends to be a staple in spaces for protection is the self-cleansing stone selenite. This gemstone is named for the Moon and brings in the magical vibrations of harmony, balance, and fluidity. It ensures a space stays free of energetic debris and supports the ongoing spiritual clearing of your home. 


While protecting the energy from getting out of balance it also invites peace and calming vibrations. It can comb through the energy acting as a sort of spiritual filter for anyone entering the space in order to feel more clear, re-set, and focused when moving throughout the rooms of the home. 


Selenite works well around objects that tend to hold a lot of significance or spiritual energy, such as antiques or altar items as these items can tend to attract more spiritual energies to them. Selenite can be there to cleanse and recharge objects that are frequently in use as well. 


  1. Hematite 



Qualities: Reduces anxiety and stress, grounding, restores harmony


Where to put: Corners of closets, doorways, near utilities, and electronics 


Hematite is an intensely protective stone and one of the most grounding gemstones. This crystal can instantly pull negative, harmful, anxious, or antsy energy to it and absorb it. It helps to put this powerhouse of a stone by the front door in order to keep anyone with bad intentions away. 


In addition, hematite does well in the corners of rooms, especially closets or storage areas to gather and absorb the excess energy that collects in these spaces. It can keep the entire space more balanced and tends to restore harmony if the space has had a lot of stressful moments in it. There is a deep and lasting cleansing effect that hematite provides in addition to its protective qualities. 


Crystals are an excellent tool to enhance the energy of your home, allowing for the space to feel energetically protected and free from spiritual clutter. Trust your intuition when working with the gemstones and follow what feels right when it comes to where to put them in your home. And keep in mind that a crystal won’t keep you completely protected from danger, but they can ‘set’ your spaces in a way that energetically allows you to feel more ease, peace, and tranquility in your home. 






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