Fluorite: Meaning & Uses for All Colors

fluorite crystal meaning and uses

Fluorite: Meaning & Uses for All Colors

The Healing Power of Fluorite

Fluorite is a powerful clearing crystal that can sweep your negative and heavy emotions away like a fresh breeze. It has a very high vibration that connects with your upper chakras and helps lift your consciousness to align with the clarity of universal wisdom.


Fluorite naturally grows in cubic or octahedral shapes which give it the ability to stabilize and structure energy, organize it, sort through it, and create order out of chaos.


An excellent stone for creativity, fluorite increases your sense of flow and ability to see clearly around the obstacles on your path. It’s a crystal of insight, integrity, and heightened intuition that helps align you with your purpose and clear knowing.


Healing for the whole energy body, fluorite cleanses and clears the aura and is a psychic protector helping dispel any lower energies you encounter during the day. It’s also purifying and detoxifying for the physical body.


A beautiful meditation stone, fluorite helps you reflect and introspect to find the answers within yourself. It lifts your awareness and brings calm centeredness, helping you relax, recharge, and better notice the beauty in all things.  


There are many different colors of fluorite available, all with similar powers to cleanse and heal, but with different specialties. 



A heart-opening stone, green fluorite is a beautiful cleanser of any heavy, stagnant, or unhelpful emotions you may be holding in your heart space. It brings clarity to your emotions and awareness of your shadows from the past, helping you clear out old subconscious blocks and ways of being.


Supremely detoxifying, green fluorite is a wonderful healer for the physical body, especially the circulatory and respiratory systems, while also helping clear out the spiritual and energetic root cause of the physical ailment or struggle. 


A stone of growth and renewal, green fluorite is uplifting and brings healing and well-being on all levels as it purifies your chakras and aura, clarifies your thoughts, and aligns your heart with presence and truth. 



Activating the throat chakra, blue fluorite is a beautiful emotional cleanser that works especially well to help clear blocks around your self-expression and self-esteem. It brings order and truth to a judgemental mind, helping you see yourself more clearly.


As clear as a summer day, blue fluorite helps you clear through any clouds of confusion, tension, or doubt in your communication, to help you clarify your intent and make your voice heard.


It can also help you release your nerves, guilt, shame, or any blocks you have around expressing your truth, bringing stability to emotional intensity, and strengthening your confidence.



Connected to the third eye chakra, purple fluorite activates your psychic awareness and intuitive insight, helping clear your inner vision and strengthen your perceptions.


A stone of mental clarity, purple fluorite increases your concentration and memory and can help you retain information. It’s a great stone for work or study to help your mind stay clear and focused on what’s important.


It dissolves subconscious blocks, conditioning, and programming in the mind, helping you release old stories and struggles that have held you back, and opening you to all the fresh possibilities that exist. 




Yellow or golden fluorite is great to help you apply your insights and intuitive guidance in the physical world. If you struggle with putting your wisdom and good ideas into action, golden fluorite can help you redirect the creative energy of your mind into your body to make your dreams happen.


Yellow fluorite clears and balances the solar plexus chakra and helps make sure your actions are aligned with your higher consciousness. It promotes mutual understanding and respect between people and is great for workplaces and aids in building trust in relationships.


It’s a sunny stone that lightens heavy loads, cuts through a cluttered mind, and brings a positive outlook. It fosters imaginative solutions and cooperation to help you bring your visions to life.


Clear fluorite holds the highest frequency of all, aligned with the crown chakra. It heightens your awareness and connection to universal intelligence, allowing you to discern a wider perspective of your life and to recognize the patterns and struggles that have kept you from embodying your full potential.


It’s a stone of lightness, purity, and sharp perception that clears negative, dense, or dark energy from all the chakras and the entire energy body. It can alleviate emotional and mental blocks as it instills a sense of knowing, clarity and calm.


An excellent healing stone, clear or white fluorite brings in the highest energies of peace and divine light down into the body to purify and detoxify you from head to toe. 



With its stunning combination of the different colors mentioned above, rainbow fluorite is great for overall cleansing, offering a good balance of healing properties to activate and cleanse all the chakras and your energy body.


Protective and stabilizing for heightened energy and emotions, rainbow fluorite is a psychic stone to help you stay mentally flexible and clear, free-thinking, and forward-minded.


Take note of the most prominent colors in your rainbow fluorite and check the individual meanings for each one to see what magical combination your piece holds.


No matter the combo, rainbow fluorite creates a clear channel from the divine realms to your mind to your body, helping you find balance and integrity within yourself, to stay clear and flow through life with more ease.



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