Serpentine meaning and healing properties

serpentine crystal meaning

Serpentine meaning and healing properties


Serpentine is a stone that has been used since ancient times, and it's believed to have powerful healing properties.

Serpentine meaning

serpentine crystal meaning

Serpentine is a green stone that has many healing properties. It's known as the stone of balance, because it helps you to find your center and find peace within yourself. Serpentine is also a stone of love and heart chakra healing, so if you're feeling disconnected in some way, serpentine can help you get back on track.

Serpentine is also associated with the third eye chakra, which allows us to see things clearly and not be too attached to our opinions or beliefs about things. This makes it a great tool for expanding consciousness!

Serpentine healing properties

Serpentine is a stone of balance and harmony, making it great for balancing your energy and helping to bring you into a more peaceful state of mind. It has also been said that serpentine can help calm the nervous system and relieve stress and tension. This may be due to its ability to help align the subtle bodies (etheric, mental, emotional, astral) with the physical body.

Serpentine can give us an understanding into our personal needs by allowing us to understand ourselves at an emotional level. Serpentine is thought to stimulate love in general – not just romantic love but familial or platonic as well too!

Serpentine crystal meaning

serpentine crystal meaning


Serpentine is a stone of transformation. It helps you to let go of the old and embrace change, which can be both positive and negative. This is why it is such a vital crystal to keep in your home when going through significant life changes, like a move or divorce.

Serpentine also has strong healing properties that help with emotional issues, such as lack of self-esteem or depression. It's even been said that it can help with addictions!

It is also useful for balancing energy within the body and mind by aligning it with each other so they work together harmoniously throughout your day-to-day life (this makes sense seeing as how serpentine gets its name from its resemblance to snakes). If you've ever experienced panic attacks or anxiety attacks before then I recommend using this stone on a daily basis until the symptoms go away completely—it worked wonders for me!

Serpentine for the heart chakra and love

serpentine crystal meaning


Serpentine is a stone of love and balance. It helps you to feel more in control of your life and emotions, which can be particularly helpful for people going through a breakup or the loss of a loved one.

  • Serpentine is also known for its healing properties, so if you're feeling any kind of physical pain or mental anguish, try wearing some serpentine jewelry to help ease your symptoms!

Serpentine color

  • Green is the color of growth and renewal, of spring, of nature, of hope and of life.
  • Green is the color of the heart chakra.
  • The planet Venus represents love and beauty.

How to charge serpentine crystal

serpentine crystal meaning


You can charge your serpentine crystal in several ways. For example:

  • Clearing and cleansing the stone by placing it outside in direct sunlight for a while—often overnight—can help draw out any negative energy that may have been absorbed from its environment
  • Using the stone in a ritual is another way to charge it, as you’re infusing it with your intentions
  • Meditating with your serpentine crystal helps fill it with positive energy, so this is another option if you want to charge your crystal quickly
  • Healing sessions are another way to charge your crystals energetically, as they help clear away any negative blockages that might be hindering their ability to function at their best potential

How to use Serpentine in crystal healing and gemstone magic

It's essential to know how to use your crystals, and the best ways to cleanse and recharge them. Here are some common ways you can incorporate serpentine into crystal healing and gemstone magic:

  • In a crystal grid. You can use a traditional grid for healing, or if you're looking for more of a romantic vibe, try creating a heart-shaped grid with the crystals.
  • In a unique layout. Serpentine is often used in crystal layouts for love or healing energy, because it's believed to attract good vibes.
  • As part of an overall design scheme (like our chakra chart). Serpentine belongs on both sides of the heart chakra; one color will represent its qualities there (green for joy), while another color will represent its qualities in other areas (gray/white/black).

Serpentine stones can be used for bringing love and also for balancing emotions.

Serpentine stones can be used for bringing love and also for balancing emotions.

Serpentine is an excellent stone to use in meditation, mainly when you are working with the heart chakra, or any other chakra that may be blocked or malfunctioning in some way. Serpentine helps us to open our hearts and become more receptive to love and affection from others. It can also help us to release negative emotions such as anger, resentment and jealousy by helping us let go of past hurts so we can move forward into a more positive future filled with happiness and joy!


Serpentine is a stone of transformation, bringing change and growth in the wearer’s life. It helps you heal emotional wounds, release resentment and anger, and protect against psychic attacks. In addition, Serpentine can be used to activate the heart chakra and bring new love into your life. The color green symbolizes healing and balance, so wearing this crystal will help you achieve those things in yourself!




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