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Serpentine meaning and healing properties

Serpentine is a green stone that has many healing properties. It's known as the stone of balance, because it helps you to find your center and find peace within yourself. Serpentine is also a stone of love and heart chakra healing, so if you're feeling disconnected in some way, serpentine can help you get back on track.

3 Crystals That Balance the Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is the 4th of 7 major energy centers in our body. It connects us to love, compassion, and joy. However, it can also be the most challenging energy center to balance. 

How to manifest more LOVE into your life? Use these five crystals!

Since this universal energy makes us feel AMAZING, there’s no surprise we're drawn to it, right? We get inspired, motivated, and re-energized by it, but more importantly, we thrive in love.

The Ultimate Self-Love Ritual for Valentine's Day: 3 Ways to Vibrate in Love!

Now, it may sound like a cliché, but it's true—the most important person in your life is you. So, this Valentine's Day, we invite you to do a self-love ritual. No matter if you're single, heartbroken, or in a loving relationship, we've got a special ritual for you!

The Best Crystals for A Virgo

We have sorted six healing crystals for the Virgo zodiac sign to enhance beneficial Virgoan qualities and dampen less worthwhile ones. The primary purpose of each one of them is to help Virgos unwind, relax, take a deep breath, and find the composure to be happy.

Best Crystals for attracting money & prosperity

Keeping the right crystals close to you will assist in raising your energetic vibrations and knowing which stones to use for attracting wealth and abundance is key to manifesting money. Read on to find out which seven best crystals for manifesting money will help you to shift your limiting beliefs around abundance.

How to set intentions with crystals

Power of Setting Intentions and How can you Incorporate Crystals into that Practice?

Home Numerology: Get to Know the Energetic Imprint of Your Space

Home Numerology: Get to Know the Energetic Imprint of Your Space Most of us are familiar with the experience of selecting a new dwelling. And more often than not, that process requires a substantial expenditure...