The Best Crystals for A Virgo

best crystals for virgo

The Best Crystals for A Virgo : 

Humans have contemplated the mysteries of the universe since forever, tracking the sun's dynamic motion, the moon's enchanting cycle, and the swirl of unlimited stars overhead. Astrology's study is complex, expansive, and transformative. Despite the variations, the primary principle of astrology revolves around the 12 known star signs of the zodiac. Every sign brings a unique approach to life, complemented with emotional strengths and weaknesses.
Each zodiac sign has been associated with several healing crystals or stones to align your energies into your best self. Every crystal delivers distinct healing properties which furnish that much-needed push you require to manifest your goals in life.
People born under the Virgo sign are known to love and care for others. Being the best listeners, Virgos are the nurturing mother of the zodiac according to numerology. Virgos are generally hard ordering perfectionists, having inspiring energy, and that energy has to be refueled with a powerful energy crystal.
Virgos are represented by the Maiden, possessing a solid connection to the Earth. While Virgos like spending time at home instead of partying, they have an exceptional affinity with nature-related activities and nature itself, including healing crystals.
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Being a caring perfectionist can often follow stress and bad energies for Virgos. The use of healing crystals to help relieve mental, physical, and spiritual stressors. With many healing crystals to choose from, we will focus on the best crystals for Virgos.
We have sorted six healing crystals for the Virgo zodiac sign to enhance beneficial Virgoan qualities and dampen less worthwhile ones. The primary purpose of each one of them is to help Virgos unwind, relax, take a deep breath, and find the composure to be happy.
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  1. Clear Quartz
Clear Quartz is a Virgo crystal. It promotes self-healing, the trait most Virgos lack since they are programmed to focus their energies on helping others and often forget to rejuvenate themselves.
Clear Quartz is believed to cleanse negative energy, revitalize positive energy from the body, and help in increasing concentration and memory. A Virgoan can either wear it as jewelry or use it during meditation for a "spiritual shower" to benefit from its healing powers. In addition, it can help boost your focus, resolve, and intentions when you feel confused or uncertain.
Clear Quartz crystal can be programmed with Virgo's intentions to encourage them to accomplish a goal and assist them in finding the answers to their concerns.
2. Jasper
For Virgos, who are always seeking clarity and much-needed practicality to any situation, Red Jasper is the answer. Red Jasper is a nurturing crystal that enables the analytical-minded and hyper-organized Virgoan to focus. It allows them to solve any problem without a hitch swiftly.  
For Virgos, Red Jasper brings tranquility, comfort, and wholeness to their stressful lives. It acts as a mood stabilizer with controlled passion. It enhances choice, responsibility, and compassion. It also promotes better problem-solving abilities and organizational skills. Red Jasper is a stone of Endurance. By wearing it as jewelry, infuses strength, energy, stamina, and focus. To kill your negativity, you need to reconnect with nature, and Red Jasper is helpful in this regard.
Red Jasper is a stone of stability that absorbs excessive energies and encourages creativity. If you are a Virgo who feels lethargic or overwhelmed while nitpicking on petty things, you should consider wearing Jasper.
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3. Amethyst
Amethyst is a spiritual stone. It is one of the most widely-used healing crystals. In ancient times, Amethyst was used to prevent alcohol intoxication. It has earned a reputation as the supreme sobriety stone. However, this crystal is capable of more than just keeping a Virgo sober. Amethyst helps you reveal your uniqueness to other people while embracing your true self regardless of how people view you.
Amethyst is famous for its calming and soothing qualities, especially recommended for anyone suffering from anxiety and restlessness. It will improve motivation in a Virgo along with promoting balance. Amethyst is a great stone to choose for any Virgo as its boosts confidence while making decisions.
Amethyst helps Virgos achieve selflessness through an elevated sense of consciousness, with their higher selves, the divine, and refined intuition and intelligence.
It is an excellent healing crystal for counteracting negativity and facilitating the healing of past traumas in not just Virgos but anyone in general.
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4. Carnelian
Carnelian is said to be one of the most helpful healing zodiac crystals for the mercurial souls born under the sign of Virgo. Carnelian is an intense and energizing crystal, the perfect stone to aid in channeling Virgos' dynamic and perfectionist nature and manifest money and success in their lives.
Carnelian has protective energies, making it a perfect antidote to a nasty case of the "I can't." When self-criticism and negativity strike Virgos, it proves to be a powerful wingman. It is not just aesthetically eye-catching but also aids memory, protects from negative feelings like anger, jealousy, and fear, and also assists in finding a suitable mate. It can also help with bringing luck and better manifestation of the most profound desires.
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5. Green Jade
Being the birthstone for Virgos, Green Jade is the most potent healing crystal a Virgo can benefit from. It has the unrivaled power of allowing you to know what is ahead. It directs one's attention to the most important aspects of life, including happiness, finances, and life goals, and encourages one to take responsibility for each one of them.
Green Jade has been used for thousands of years in many cultures, but no one regards it more than China. Chinese believe in the metaphysical properties of Green Jade and use it as an amulet for protection. It is famous for its spiritual and healing traits and is valued as a precious material for intaglio jewelry, vases, and many types of ornaments.
Green Jade is known as the Sovereign for Harmony. It possesses unique energies that can bring balance and harmony to the mental, physical, and emotional aspects of relationships, family, and work. It is undoubtedly an excellent healing crystal for improving attention to detail, a particular Virgo trait.
Green Jade extensively complements Virgo's energy. It is beneficial in countering and compensating for some of Virgo's most prominent weaknesses. It is also a terrific crystal to help stop repetitive negative patterns and tempering anxious thoughts. Carrying a Green Jade crystal or wearing it as jewelry will help ease your nerves and protect you when traveling. It's also an excellent stone that reminds you of the great things coming your way.
6. Amazonite
Amazonite is another fabulous healing crystal for Virgos, who don't know when to stop being a nitpicker. Perfectionism can be troublesome for people born under the zodiac sun sign of Virgo. Although it is not an issue wanting to make everything as good as possible, the problem is when you cannot decide where to draw the line! This issue is real with most Virgos, and Amazonite helps them release their obsessive-compulsive need to make everything perfect. It encourages them to accept that it's okay not to be perfect. It convinces them to move ahead without regrets.
Amazonite, carrying blue-green hues, is a soothing and cooling crystal that helps to perfect personal expression with inner kindness and ease. Virgos have harsh self-criticism; they find it complicated to live up to their extreme self-imposed lofty standards. Amazonite is a stone that promotes the growth of self-respect and kindness. It helps to bring out that much-needed balance to emotions, dramatically reducing the fear and anxiety and letting the late summer Virgo souls relax from time to time.
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7. Pink Amethyst 
Pink amethyst is a great crystal for virgo as it promotes loving nurturing frequencies. If you're looking for a way to relax, pink amethyst can help you do just that. It helps you to connect to your higher self, and it will help you achieve balance between the mind and body.

This crystal is also great when it comes to cleansing your aura. It helps you to release negative energy, which is something that all of us need at some point in our lives!

Pink amethyst is also great for calming anxiety, which is something that many people struggle with today. It's easy to get overwhelmed by all of the stressors in life today: work deadlines, traffic jams on the way home from work… so many things can cause anxiety! Pink amethyst helps you to feel more relaxed when it comes time for bedtime or meditation time.
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