13 best crystals for beginners, what you need to know

crystals for beginners

13 best crystals for beginners, what you need to know 


What Are Crystals?


Mystical, intriguing, and beautiful crystals have been revered throughout many ancient cultures for possessing physical and spiritual healing abilities. Crystals are made up of minerals like most other rocks, but crystals are set apart by their unique lattice-like crystalline atomic structure. Crystals are naturally occurring precious stones or gems with a symmetrical arrangement of faces that can be seen on a molecular level. The composition of crystals varies wildly, giving way to many different kinds and colors of crystals available. There are also a variety of crystal forms that can take place with many different shapes, such as hexagonal, cubic, tetragonal, trigonal, monolithic, and many more. All these different types of crystals can be used in spiritual practice and can offer their own unique physical or emotional healing. Some common healing traits that crystals can provide include blocking negative energies, boosting low energy, transforming your body's aura, or even releasing blocked energy in your body.


How Crystals Can Empower Your Life


Your body possesses a natural life force or energy that drives you to experience and live your life. When energy flows freely, it keeps the body alive and healthy. Due to low vibrational energy and energy blockages, your system can be affected by malaise, disease, or illness. Energy blockages can occur from emotional trauma, work stress, pollutants, and poor diet. Crystals can assist with removing energy blockages as well as boosting your life force energy. Different types of crystals can remove blockages or negative energies and add many beneficial or positive attributes to your daily life. Crystals are power amplifiers and can revitalize and empower your life. They can assist with providing protection from negative energies, promoting good thoughts, establishing continued mental clarity or focus, and can even help you have a restful night's sleep.


Anyone Can Work With Crystals


Crystals are for anyone and everyone who wishes to discover their powerful healing energy. One of the best things about crystals is that you do not need to be an expert to utilize their healing properties. Some minimal research can provide the information needed to assist you with crystal usage. You can easily learn how crystals work with energy and frequency to provide their empowering or protective properties.


13 Crystals For Beginners

1. Clear Quartz

quartz crystal healing


Quartz is one of the most common minerals available on earth. Clear Quartz has been regarded as one of the oldest and most enlightening crystals. It is the perfect choice if you are searching for enhanced mental clarity. Many utilize this crystal for increased focus, wit, and rational thinking. It is a stone that aids in your meditative practice as it will still the mind and quiets your thoughts.

Clear Quartz is especially potent for supercharging your intentions and intensifying your spiritual energy. Also a protective stone, Clear Quartz will dispel any negative thoughts or energies that plague you.

2. Amethyst

amethyst crystal meanign

Occurring light or deep purple, Amethyst is a popular crystal with powerful healing energies. Amethyst is a highly spiritual stone from the Quartz family known for its tranquility and for promoting deep calm and relaxing energy. Many utilize Amethyst to battle insomnia while promoting peaceful sleep and good dreams.

Amethyst, also known as the Natural Healer, can boost your body's natural immunity and assist with balancing your emotions. Amethyst also possesses a strong connection to the spiritual realm acting as a doorway between the two planes. It may be used to open communication between you and your spirit guides. Amethyst is also apt at increasing astral projection and enhanced lucid dreaming.

3. Carnelian

Carnelian is a popular crystal among artists and creatives. The reddish-orange color of Carnelian exudes creativity and passionate energy, making it a perfect stone if you need a little boost. Carnelian is a powerful healing crystal that works with the positive energies in your aura. It can help boost your self-esteem as its energies push you to be courageous and bold.

Carnelian can also be used to assist with dating or relationship endeavors, as it offers to stimulate sexual energies. This crystal will make you feel unstoppable as it encourages you to achieve all your goals.

4. Tigers eye

Tigers Eye's powerful and determined energy is utilized to increase one's willpower and overall belief in yourself. The Tigers Eye crystal is all about activating your power. It is a perfect stone to use if you are working on a project since

Tiger's eye will give you the staying power to see it through to the end. This crystal is about perseverance and promotes positive thoughts and ideas. It is a protective stone that can shield you from negative intent and energies from the evil eye. Tigers Eye can activate your solar plexus, which is associated with confidence, joy, and overall happiness.

5. Pyrite

Pyrite or Fool's Gold which resembles gold nuggets, is associated with purity and creativity. Its gold-like appearance promotes prosperity, wealth, and abundance. This purification crystal is a powerful shield against negative energies and attacks.

Pyrite can be used to cleanse the surrounding energies and any toxic thoughts that plague you. Pyrite cuts through the unnecessary, exposing you to the truth. This crystal stimulates your root chakra, allowing you to feel grounded and withstand challenges. You can also utilize this crystal to see things more clearly and live your life more authentically.

6. Malachite

Bright and emerald green Malachite is a crystal that stimulates new growth and life. Malachite is the stone of rebirth and transformation. It's all about change and welcoming new things into your life. This crystal renews your spiritual energy giving you a new fire to life. Positive Malachite will help you see the good or best in people.

It will also help you discover the cause of any current toxicity in your life. This identification will help you remove the negativity disrupting your energy flow. Malachite connects best with the heart chakra, which focuses on love of self and others.

7. Obsidian

Obsidian is a type of volcanic glass with powerful protective and grounding energies. It is also adept at enhancing your spiritual energy on your path toward enlightenment. Obsidian offers insight into the subconscious and inner workings of the mind to draw out your most authentic self. This earth-derived stone can easily cut through negative energies using its high vibrational energy.

This crystal works to clear away any mental stress as you dive deeper into the spiritual realms. Obsidian is deeply connected with the third eye chakra, which is linked to spiritual awareness and communication. 

8. Aventurine

Powerful Aventurine can be regarded as a stone that will improve your life. Pale green Aventurine is linked with the heart chakra offering its users love, joy, and compassion. Aventurine is also associated with good luck, wealth, and prosperity.

This crystal will help you spot more and more opportunities for success. It will also align you with people and events that serve you with the best outcomes possible. You will notice an increase in your finances or well-being that will continue to multiply.

9. Citrine

Citrine is a radiant orange-colored crystal perfect for cleansing a space of negative energies or spirits. Citrine works well to relieve tension in situations as well as within yourself. Any pent-up rage or anger is quickly dispelled with the use of Citrine. This crystal also works well with balancing your emotional health.

The dazzling Citrine easily wipes fear, depression, and confusion. Increasing confidence and self-worth, Citrine is adept at making it easier for you to attract possible partners into a relationship. High vibrational Citrine will also connect you with wealth and abundance and bring prosperity into your life.


10. Labradorite

The stunning Labradorite is an extremely powerful healing crystal that can relieve stress and anxiety. Labradorite can foster calm and relaxation as it eases any tensions carried within your body. Highly spiritual, Labradorite is used to help you find your higher purpose. This crystal will guide you further on your spiritual path toward healing, growth, and enlightenment.

The iridescent nature of the Labradorite crystal is quite mesmerizing and is said to open doorways from the physical realm to the spirit world. Labradorite is associated with the crown chakra, about light and connection to your spirit and inner consciousness.


11. Shungite

The Shungite crystal was wonderfully grounding and balanced that can calm your mind. Shungite works to stabilize your physical, mental, and spiritual energy. This crystal has a very high vibration and acts as a neutralizer. It can bring balance or harmony to your body when not in alignment. Shungite can balance out-of-sync masculine and feminine energies that may cause your body to be blocked energetically. Shungite allows you the energy to dream big about your future goals while remaining grounded and sensible.

This crystal has been hailed as the Stone of Action that can offer determination and focus on accomplishing your endeavors. Shungite is a stone to use when going through big changes in your life as you shed the old you and align with who you are truly meant to be.

 12. Black Tourmaline

Dark and mysterious Tourmaline works to provide a grounding and centering energy to its users. It is connected to the throat chakra, which deals primarily with communication and self-expression. Tourmaline will help you feel more confident and self-assured as it connects you more deeply with the earth's energy.

Tourmaline can be a bridge as it connects the earth with the spirit realm. This crystal is highly protective as it can shield against negative energies and spirits. Tourmaline provides strength and vitality to those who incorporate it into daily life. 

13. Rose Quartz :

This crystal has been used for centuries as a tool for emotional healing and meditation. By simply holding it in your hand or wearing it as jewelry, you can harness its powerful energy and reap its benefits. It is also said to help open your heart chakra, promoting self-love, forgiveness, compassion, and unconditional love.

When using rose quartz for crystal healing, it is recommended to take deep breaths and focus on your intention. This can help you connect with the crystal's energy and allow it to work its magic. You can also place it on the area of your body that needs healing, such as your heart or throat chakra. 

How to Cleanse Your Crystals


An important part of using crystals is also taking care of them, so you can harness the best aspects and properties they have to offer. Crystals should be cleansed and charged rather regularly. It is important to remember that crystals absorb negative energies and spirits. They routinely should be cleansed to rid them of these energies. One way to do this is by running the crystals under lukewarm water. You can also cleanse your stones or crystals while the moon is setting or rising to allow them to charge and be cleansed. The lunar energy will be absorbed into your crystals which will aid in renewing their vibrational energy.




Crystals are beautiful and powerful stone structures that can offer many benefits and life-changing energies when used in your daily practice. They offer self-enhancing qualities and can be useful in protecting against negative energies. Crystals can also act as a window into the spiritual world and guides that help align you with your higher self and purpose. Calming, balancing, invigorating, renewing, and stimulating energies can be found in the multitude of crystals available to you. The great variety of crystals and the abounding energies that they can provide to you are variably unlimited.


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