Best Healing Crystals for Aquarius

Best Healing Crystals for Aquarius

Best Healing Crystals for Aquarius

Aquarius is the big thinker of the zodiac. With so many helpful, provocative, and world-changing ideas swirling around your mind all day–it can be exhausting. The best crystals for Aquarius work wonders in bringing out the best of this progressive air sign.

Amethyst -Mood Balance


amethyst crystal


Amethyst is the Aquarius birthstone. With a tendency to be self-protective and slightly defensive, Amethyst helps Aquarius with uncomfortable emotions.This is a very protective stone to ward off negative energies.


Not everyone is going to agree with you on your loft, yet profound ideas. But that matters not. You have no time to sulk about who isn’t along for the meaningful adventures that you set out on. 


Amethyst absorbs the excess emotions so that you don’t feel the burden of burying them. Never let pent-up pain keep you from your unique, life purpose.


Amethyst Affirmation: Feelings come and go. The ones I give my focus to are the ones that will flourish.

Rose Quartz- Let Love In


rose quartz crystal


When an Aquarius is hurt or in any way threatened, they have a tendency to shut down, cut anyone out of their life, and walk away. This can be beneficial if you’re dealing with unhealthy relationships. But much of the time, it’s just humans being humans.


Rose Quartz teaches you the power of unconditional love and the power of forgiveness. People are disappointing, but some relationships can still remain sacred when you lead with compassion.


Allow Rose Quartz to soften your edges and help let the light in.


Rose Quartz Affirmation: It is safe for me to forgive, let go, and maintain connections.

Moonstone- Organized Creativity


moonstone crystal


There is no shortage of creativity within an Aquarius. But sometimes there can be so many that nothing ever seems to move past a daydream.


Moonstone for Aquarius allows this Air sign the get out of their heads and into some hands-on creation. Turn your wildest dreams into reality without it feeling like boring work.


If you have your hand in many pots, Moonstone helps you organize your thoughts so you can move from one task to another with clarity, focus, and ease.


Moonstone Affirmations: Anxiety is just my body’s way of processing unguided inspiration that’s bursting at the seams.

Rhodonite- Authentic Confidence


rhodonite crystal


Rhodonite crystal for Aquarius is about healing and restoration. It does what a few other crystals combined do. A masterful healer of old wounds and emotional inflictions, Rhodonite crystal for Aquarius restores hope, balance, peace, and mental clarity so that you can live authentically.


If you’ve experienced any level of rejection, it may have changed you. But an Aquarius isn’t meant to fit the mold, it’s meant to shatter it entirely. To make a new way. Rhodonite restores the strength and confidence necessary for expressing the full depth of your personality.


Rhodonite Affirmation: It is safe to be me. I am seen. I am loved. I am appreciated.

Angelite- Spiritual Ascension


angelite crystal for sale


Aquarius is a little psychic and has a whole lot of magic. Angelite crystals can enhance your spiritual gifts and align you with your intuition.


Never doubt your gut instincts with Angelit by your side. This crystal will help you safely travel the astral plane, explore your subconscious mind, or tune into a higher-calling.


Angelite Affirmation: I am more than my physical body. My spirit extends across timelines, galaxies, and dimensions.

Black Onyx- Ground Your Thoughts


onyx crystal for sale


Improve your discipline, enhance your focus, and ground your energy with Black Onyx crystal for Aquarius. This dark crystal is also great for feng shui and balancing the energy of your environment. Make your space the ultimate vibe that evokes stillness and harmony.


Black Onyx is a stone that can help with decision-making, which is quite the challenge for all air signs. It helps balance masculine and feminine energy, and on a practical note, gives Aquarius the momentum to move past inconveniences.


Black Onyx Affirmation: I thrive on challenges. They help me learn, grow, and increase my overall awareness and self-sufficiency.

Pink Halite- Release 


pink halite


Boost your mood and release grudges and hardship with Pink Halite. This romantical, soft pink crystal evokes self-appreciation. Among the most important crystals for Aquarius, Pink Halite improves self-confidence. An Aquarius doesn’t often seek external validation, so it’s extra important that your relationship with yourself is as healthy as possible.


When you start to feel the strain of heavy emotions or dark thoughts, Pink Halite is there to lighten the load. It can also improve clarity, cleanse your aura, and pairs beautifully with Rose Quartz for healing heart work.


Pink Halite Affirmation: I am enough. I have enough. And I do enough.

Lepidolite- Embrace Change + Invite Growth


lepidolite stone


Aquarius experience much of their life through an analytical lens. So you may be more likely to think about things than to feel or embody them.  The lepidolite stone is one of the best for reducing anxiety. 


Lepidolite crystal for Aquarius helps integrate all senses into your daily life. This way, you can feel the good feelings more deeply, and get rid of the things that don’t feel good by releasing them from your body (instead of ruminating!).


Lepidolite can help you get past hurdles or anywhere you feel stuck–emotionally, physically, or creatively.


Lepidolite Affirmation: I meet all of life’s challenges with a brave face. Nothing is ever too hard to handle. My mind, body, and spirit support me through it all.


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