Best Crystals for Pisces Zodiac Sign

Best Crystals for Pisces Zodiac Sign

Best Crystals for Pisces Zodiac Sign



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The Sun travels through Pisces from February 18th through March 20th. Pisces themes will be more prominent during this time and even more so for those born with the Sun, Moon, or Rising sign in Pisces. Certain gemstones vibrate within the same frequency as the energy of Pisces. Get to know the crystals that are best for this sublime and watery zodiac sign; blue calcite, fluorite, amethyst, citrine, sodalite, and tiger’s eye. 

Who is Pisces? 

The sign of Pisces is the dreamy mystic of the zodiac. Known for poetic inclinations and seeing the beauty in all things, Pisces has a heart for wanderlust and awe. Pisces is sensitive, empathic, and spiritual. 


Pisces Key Themes 


  • Dreaming
  • Sensitivity  
  • The sublime
  • Glamor
  • Merging
  • Imagination
  • Artistry
  • Oceanic 
  • Ethereal 
  • Sweetness
  • Spirituality 

The Pisces Color Current 


Very distinct color energy emerges from the Pisces archetype. This zodiac sign tends to be drawn towards color vibrations that are shimmery, translucent, and subtle. In addition to this, they also are attracted towards colors that go with their element, water. However, not necessarily just the blues, but the multicolored impression that water can give off when light is reflected off of it. 


Pisces energy symbolizes seeing many colors where others may only see one. This brings a draw towards stones that give off a particular multifaceted color personality. Pisces will be able to see past the surface and into the essence of the crystal itself. 


Pisces is all about vibing into the subtle and spiritual energies. The theme is to get to the heart or the feeling of a crystal to align with them for their spiritual and healing properties. With that in mind, as you go through the list of the best gemstones for Pisces, remember to see beyond just the surface color and peer into the deeper layers of purpose, meaning, and emanation that this gemstone is sharing with you.

The Six Best Gemstones for Pisces 

Here are some of the best crystals to have around you during this Pisces season 2022. They all reflect and harmonize with the vibrations with a beautiful combination of ethereal and grounding energies. 


Blue Calcite 


pisces crystals



Key Meanings: Psychic protection, auric healing, balancing 


This stone is perfect for the Pisces vibration as it gently guards and surrounds those with a sensitive energy field. Blue calcite’s calming watery color indicates its ability to work with a light touch. When the aura has been overstressed by outside stimuli this stone is the perfect ally. 


Blue calcite also helps those who feel lost in other or imaginary worlds. It works to sweetly pull someone back into a vibration that keeps psychic ability open yet not overwhelming. This is a balancing stone that is perfect for the Pisces, who at times feel boundaries are dissolved. It brings a sense of structure to psychic, intuitive, and empathic abilities. 


Sleep with blue calcite under your pillow to invite better dream recall into your life. This stone helps you take your spiritual experiences, including dreaming, astral travel, and the like, and integrate them into understandable experiences into your consciousness. 




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Key Meanings: Clarifying, structural, the mind


Fluorite comes in a variety of shades of greens and purples and is cubic in form. This gemstone vibrates well with Pisces as it brings in a grounding foundation without being too dense or heavy. It can help you to form gentle scaffolding within the spaces of your mind that feel detached or ungrounded and needs somewhere to take root. 


This square-shaped structure speaks to the crystal’s meaning as a stone that helps carve, cut, and clear out spiritual clutter. Fluorite helps to cleanse the mind of patterns of thinking that are interfering with your clarity. This gemstone transmutes stuck energies in the mind. If confusion exists in a situation, hold onto a piece of fluorite while meditating and ask for an answer or solution for moving forward. 




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Key Meanings: Divine connection, spirituality, shielding 


Amethyst is a gorgeous stone that ranges from light lavender to deep purples. It is perfect for Pisces folks who feel they get ‘lost’ in space and time, or find themselves engaging heavily in fantasy or social media, for example, and want to find a better balance for themselves. This gemstone helps bring people back into a state of presence and awareness. 


Amethyst also opens up the Crown Chakra, indicating its connection with the Divine or Universal consciousness. Pisces is known for being a spiritually-oriented sign, which makes amethyst an excellent stone for spiritual practices that connect you to the stars and cosmos. This stone dips into the expansive worlds of divine wisdom and knowledge. 


Amethyst is also helpful for Pisces' energy as it creates a spiritual-energetic shield around the aura. It is protective and therefore ideal for those embarking on a spiritual journey. It helps to keep those who are spiritually-minded rooted, safe, and secure in their spiritual experiences without losing touch with the mundane or their spiritual perspectives. 




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Key Meanings: Creativity, empowerment, manifesting


Citrine is a gentle pale yellow translucent stone that aligns perfectly with Pisces. This zodiac sign is known for having massive amounts of creativity along with a connection to art, music, aesthetics, and experiences of wonder. Citrine helps to strengthen your creative side. Have this stone around when working on projects that have a subtle artistic nature to them. 


In addition to the creative side of Citrine, this stone also goes well with strengthening your core essence and the Solar Plexus chakra. Pisces is often associated with having a light touch, it is easy to miss the gentle magic that this sign embodies. Citrine helps to empower your inner fire. It awakens the spark of the divine and helps those with Pisces energy to manifest the things their soul longs for into reality. 




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Key Meanings: Communication, thought-processes, mutual understanding


A key theme of Pisces season is how easily things get miscommunicated. This is because Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune, which tends to bring you into the collective subconscious mind. This can bring out feelings of merging, blending, and unity, but also disorient words and meaning. This is what makes sodalite such a great ally for this energy, as it opens the Throat chakra and improves mutual communication. 


Sodalite crystals help your words match your meaning. It also assists in ensuring others understand what you are saying. Wearing this stone on a pendant around your neck, especially if you feel your communications are often misunderstood, can be supportive in creating more clarity to the communication channels in your life.  


Tiger Eye 


pisces crystals



Key Meanings: Grounding, insight, balance


Tiger eye is an earthy deep orange and brown striped gemstone perfect for Pisces. It awakens a balanced sense of discernment. It helps you to see what is the best decision for you in a given situation. This gemstone allows one to feel rooted and energized along with a sense of centeredness. 


This crystal ignites confidence and power, without feeling forceful or tense. It allows for harmony between all sides of oneself and can help you sift through emotions that are hard to identify. Tiger eye opens up practical insight and good judgment. Carry a piece of this gemstone in your pocket to help keep your sense of intuition rooted, grounded, and balanced no matter what arises.

The Takeaway for the Best Gemstones for Pisces

So whether you were born with the Sun, Moon, or Rising sign in Pisces or are just interested in how to vibrate with the Pisces season energy of 2022, this list of crystals is for you. These gemstones awaken the magic of the Pisces zodiac sign. They allow the flow of spirit to move through you and into a grounded sense of presence, awareness, and creativity. Embrace the heightened sensitivity as it opens up to beautiful channels of dreaming, insight, and intuition of the Pisces energy streams. 




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