Best Healing Crystals for Cancer Zodiac Sign

Best Healing Crystals for Cancer Zodiac Sign

Best Healing Crystals for Cancer Zodiac Sign 


Cancer season starts on June 21st, 2022 lasting through July 22nd during which time the Sun will be passing through this watery and sensitive zodiac sign. Crystals can help you tap into the current energetic vibrations of Cancer. Here are the best healing crystals for this zodiac sign that will be covered here: moonstone, blue calcite, rose quartz, carnelian, selenite, and jasper. 


About Cancer Archetype 


Let's start by getting to know about the Cancer archetype which is themed around emotional honesty, security, and empathy. This zodiac sign resonates with the water element symbolic of intuition, psychic ability, and being in the realm of the emotional body and feelings. Here are some key themes for Cancer: 


  • Spiritual openness 
  • Sensitivity 
  • Nurturing and support
  • Advocacy 
  • Home and comforts 
  • Intuition
  • Empathy 
  • Security
  • Psychic abilities 

The Importance of the Moon 


Cancer is also ruled by the Moon, which waxes and wanes, moving through phases, much like the fluid and watery nature of Cancer. Being attuned to crystals that have Lunar qualities can be especially supportive in awakening to your spiritual gifts during this time. Abilities such as intuition, clairvoyance, clairsentience, energy healing, and the like are all extra potent while the Sun is in Cancer. The crystals below explore how to be aligned with your spirituality as well as ones that support grounding and rootedness. Let’s get into the six best healing crystals for Cancer. 


The Six of the Best Healing Crystals for Cancer 



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Metaphysical Properties: Protective, calming, opens intuition, dreaming


Starting with Moonstone, this shimmery and magical crystal is quintessential to the Cancer zodiac sign. It has a reflective surface that changes based on how you hold it in the light. As Cancer is associated with the Moon, moonstone crystal is perfect for this archetype. It helps you tap into the spiritual layers of yourself, helping you discover hidden psychic gifts and unearth insights into the mystery, the unseen, and the dream realms. 


It also resonates with the Cancer archetype as it brings energetic protective qualities. This zodiac sign’s symbol is the crab which is housed by a tough outer shell. Feeling safe, held, and loved are all traits that a Cancer soul may be yearning for. You can find that having this stone on you provides you both spiritual openness while at the same time supporting you with having strong energetic boundaries and psychic protection. 


Blue Calcite

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Metaphysical Properties: Reduces anxieties and stress, relaxing, balancing, intuitive development 


Blue calcite is a very gentle creamy blue color that immediately allows for a sense of calm to wash over you when held. This gemstone is balancing and can help mitigate stressful emotions and feelings. 


Spiritually, the light blue color of this crystal can represent peace, calm, and healing. Therefore, it is perfect for Cancer who tends to have some ups and downs with moods, emotions, and potential worries. 


In addition, it can be a very supportive stone to have around when you are working on intuitive development. Blue calcite can help you slowly attune to these abilities without feelings of being overwhelmed. It is an excellent stone to hold while you are meditating as it quiets the mind and supports the emotions to be steady and present. 


Rose Quartz

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Metaphysical Properties: Increases self-love, gentleness, heart-opening, sweetness 


One of the sweetest signs in the zodiac is Cancer, making the light pinky color of rose quartz perfect for this gentle-natured soul. This stone resonates with the Heart Chakra and brings healing to this area of the self. It is excellent for empathic folks who are energetically open and can sometimes get bogged down in the emotions of those around them. 


In addition, Cancer has a tendency to be someone who wants to help and nurture others sometimes at the expense of themselves. Therefore, rose quartz can help in remembering one’s own need for care. Cancer is also on a journey of self-love and can find the giving and heart-opening energy of rose quartz to be perfect for working through self-doubt and self-loathing. 


It sweetly brings you into spaces of self-compassion and graciousness for yourself. Holding a piece of rose quartz over the heart space can bring a sense of calm to the entire emotional body and allows one to begin to unpack your relationship around these themes of self-love and self-care. 



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Metaphysical Properties: Confidence, courage, motivation, passion


Carnelian is a spirited stone that speaks to the cardinal or initiating aspects of Cancer. For all of the gentle and sweet-natured energy of this sign, they are also known for being strong leaders, fiercely protective of the people in their life, and amazing advocates. 


At the same time, there can be a struggle to step into these roles even when that is the desire. Carnelian helps awaken these abilities, brings in confidence for your purpose, and helps you embrace feeling self-assured and rooted in who you are. This gemstone also supports determination and striving for what you want. It allows courage and motivation towards the results you desire. 


Carnelian is often associated with the Sacral Chakra, which works with balancing emotional states and confidence. Have this gemstone in your pocket or bag when you are feeling vulnerable and unsure but want to muster the courage to make bold moves with your life. 



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Metaphysical Properties: Cleansing, energetic healing, spiritual connection


Selenite is a powerhouse of a gemstone that can bring ease, calm, and cleansing to the entire energetic field. It is excellent at moving stagnant energy and can be perfect for spiritual hygiene practices. As the Cancer type is likely to pick up on a lot of psychic clutter, more spiritual cleansing could potentially be needed during this time of year. Selenite can also cleanse other gemstones, so is very useful if you are using other crystals for healing and spiritual purposes. 


In addition, selenite helps connect you to your divine nature and the spiritual dimensions of existence. It generously works through the energy body in order to remove stuck energies helping you feel tapped into the expansive and unfolding universe. 


Selenite can be carved into a variety of shapes depending on your healing needs. A wand for example can help pinpoint specific areas on the body where energy has collected and help it get unstuck. It can also be waved through the entire aura as an energetic cleansing practice. Selenite might also be in the shape of a palm stone and can be held onto to gently bring you into a state of balance and clarity. 



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Metaphysical Properties: Building, stability, vitality, physical health, stamina


Jasper is a very grounding healing stone that is perfect for emotional Cancer. It carries earth elemental properties, demonstrating its ability to hold and support anxious or worried energy. This gemstone helps bring the Cancer vibrations into the realm of the physical and material, supporting a feeling of grounding and rootedness in the present moment. Cancer is known for loving to be safe and cozy at home and jasper is symbolic of these energies. 


Jasper is also a stone of vitality and can help Cancer access their inner fire and states of spirited passion. It can support you in bringing your dreams and desires into material reality. 

There can be more creative and expressive energies to work with at this time, especially in regard to music, cooking, and art. Jasper is supportive in opening the way for these talents to be birthed into being through the emotionally attuned heart of Cancer. 


Final Thoughts

Crystals are a beautiful way to settle into this Cancer season in 2022. You can connect with the qualities of this sign through the magic of gemstones including the spiritual, emotional, and intuitive dimensions of who you are. This watery sign works well with the healing powers of crystals, highly sensitive to their effect and in tune with their sacred energy. Explore all the ways you can harmonize with the power of your emotions while connecting with the divine matrix of the universe. 


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