Black Tourmaline for Clearing & Protection

Black Tourmaline for Clearing & Protection

Black Tourmaline for Clearing & Protection


The powerhouse protector stone and ultimate bad vibes cleanser, black tourmaline is an essential must-have crystal for the modern world.


Let’s get into some of the reasons why you might want to bring a beautiful black tourmaline piece home with you.


Cleanse your energy & environment


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One of the best crystals to cleanse yourself and your space with, black tourmaline absorbs negative energy like a sponge. This means it can help you clear out the low-frequency emotions (like fear, stress, and anger) that are lingering in your aura, chakras, body, mind, and even in your physical space.


Keep one by the entrance to cleanse the energy of everyone who walks in the door, or by your bed to keep bad dreams and subconscious shadows at bay while your sleep.


It’s great to use after a conflict, anytime you’re tense, or feeling very intense emotional energy. Just hold a black tourmaline crystal in one or both hands, and imagine it magnetizing, attracting, sopping up like a sponge, all that icky sticky emotional baggage.


Do this until you feel a release in yourself, a relief, a sense of calm. The tourmaline may even feel heavier afterward.


Be sure to cleanse and recharge it after using it for clearing purposes. You can put it on the Earth, use smudge smoke, sunlight or moonlight, or rest it on some selenite overnight.



Come back to Earth


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Black tourmaline offers almost instantaneous grounding properties, helping you get back in your body whenever you’re caught up in your mind or are overwhelmed with emotions.


When you feel anxious, nervous, or worried, grab some back tourmaline and let its weight and density bring you back down to the ground, into the calm of the present moment.


Here’s a quick grounding exercise you can do with black tourmaline: 

  • Wear, hold or have a piece near you as you sit or stand with both feet flat on the ground.


  • Breathe and imagine roots growing down from your feet, and down from the center of your body, growing down deep enough to connect with the center of the Earth.


  • Feel into that support and stability the Earth provides. Feel into the strength and stability of the black tourmaline.


  • Know that you are endlessly supported by this Earth, and take that feeling with you throughout the day.



Protect and shield

Great for empaths and those sensitive to energies, black tourmaline is the stone to own if you’re someone who tends to pick up a lot of emotions from others.


It can help shield your energy body, like an auric shell, to block you from picking up on the emotions of other people so much. It’s a psychic shield, to protect from any bad thoughts thrown your way, and expectations from the outside world.


Black tourmaline is perfect to bring with you in crowded places and big public events, or even during a convo you really don't want to have, or one you want to stay calm and rational for.


Don’t have black tourmaline on you when you want to open up and be emotionally vulnerable or with someone else though, as it may shield you from connecting on an emotional level.


You can use it to absorb any energy that doesn’t belong to you, and to cut energetic cords you have with people in your life that are draining you.


Get things moving

Where there is stuckness in your life, black tourmaline will clear the path and help the energy flow.


To help release stubbornness around the things you don’t want to change, the old patterns and behaviors that are so hard to break through, black tourmaline’s energy can bust through, disrupt old patterns and get you moving in a new direction more easily.


It’s a wonderful stone to have near during periods of upheaval or change in your life, which is kind of every day around here lately.


It can help keep you grounded, focused, taking action towards your goals, and the things that will help fulfill your material and physical needs.


Not just for emotional stagnation, black tourmaline will also get your blood, chi and oxygen moving, helping relieve pain and inflammation. Try rubbing or holding it on your body for aches and pains, imagining the pain being absorbed by the crystal, and see if it helps. 


Trigger release

The pent-up anger, the frustration, the quick temper and reactions, being annoyed by everything! These emotional energies are all perfect fodder for black tourmaline’s beautiful energy come calm things down and help absorb the low vibes.


Black tourmaline will help to clear your mind, temper emotions, and calm a racing heart or heightened adrenal response.


When you feel like you wanna fight, freeze or flee, try holding a piece of black tourmaline and take a few breaths to help you come back to your center where you can make a clearer decision from.


Think of black tourmaline when you need to calm down, cool off, and not fly off the handle, to help move your intense emotions aside and be able to think more rationally, from a grounded perspective. Open up your root chakra and connect to your physical body. 



Truly one of the most helpful crystals to have in your life if you want to feel grounded, clear, and protected in this wacky world, black tourmaline is one of our favorites.


If you think you need its energy in your life, check out our collection of black tourmaline in the shop.


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