Jade Stone: Meanings, Properties, and Uses

Jade Stone: Meanings, Properties, and Uses

Jade Stone: Meanings, Properties, and Uses 

The Meaning of Jade

Jade is a gorgeous green crystal long heralded as a talisman for love, good luck, and prosperity. 

Used for centuries in different cultures spanning from ancient China to Egpyt to the Maori in New Zealand, jade is thought to bring wealth, wisdom, and longevity to all who work with it.

This powerful stone of abundance also brings physical, mental, and emotional healing. It has an energy of rejuvenation and growth that affects every area of your life in beneficial ways.

Jade is also a stone of magic and mystical wonders, bringing ample opportunities and synchronicities into your life to guide you to your highest expression of yourself, your highest potential, and your greatest life! 

Let’s get into some of the wonderful ways you can use jade for healing and to bring more abundance and love into every corner of your life.

Jade Healing Properties


green jade crystal



Emotional & Mental Healing

Jade echoes with an energy of love and peace, of being perfectly content and having everything you need right here in this moment. This makes it a wonderful stone to calm an anxious mind, lift out of depression and angst, or soothe a heavy heart.

Its restorative and nurturing qualities can bring you a sense of harmony within yourself, bringing happiness and a hopeful outlook on life. It’s also a great stone for love, to help you open up to more love for yourself and attract more love into your life. 

Jade is a wonderful stone to use when you're feeling a lack of self-worth, are stuck in self-pity, or can’t seem to attract all the abundance you’re wanting in life.

Whenever you notice you’re tunneling into victim mode, jade can help you shift your mindset and mood into one of confidence and forward momentum, restoring emotional balance and helping your mind focus on all the possibilities that lie ahead.


green jade crystal



Physical Healing

A beautiful stone for the heart chakra, jade is helpful for the circulatory and respiratory systems, helping them release imbalances, blocks, and stagnant energy, bringing them into balance and harmony. 

It’s a cleansing stone for the whole body that helps release toxins, balance hormones, boost the immune system, and fight infections. This works especially well for the kidneys, bladder, and spleen to help balance the fluid systems of the body.

Also beneficial for the reproductive system, jade has been used historically to increase fertility, ease childbirth and stimulate the libido, getting your literal and figurative juices flowing. 

A great stone to hold during recovery from an illness or injury, jade brings good luck and healing energy to every cell, also inspiring a more hopeful mindset to help you recover more quickly.

Spiritual healing

Associated with the heart chakra, jade carries the energy of love and growth. It’s an ever-expanding love, one that is eternal, one that carries you through thick and thin.

Jade opens your fourth chakra to appreciation and joy, to seeing all the abundance around you and magnetizing more and more of it into your life.

It helps lift your awareness into one of harmony and wholeness, where you realize that you have everything you need to create everything you want in life.

It can dispel feelings of doubt and fear, of rage or sorrow, lifting your spirit to a place of calm confidence and faith in yourself and your future. 

It also stimulates the solar plexus, boosting your confidence and stamina, helping you put some fire behind your desires to make your heart’s wishes come true in the real world. 

Jade is a stone that wants you to feel good and do good, to realize all your abundance and the wealth of your soul so you can shine your unique light even brighter into the world. It wants you to grow, grow, grow, and for your soul to experience all the richness and delight to be found here on this beautiful Earth!  

Using Jade in your Life

Wearing or carrying jade

To be in the nurturing and empowering energy of jade all day long, it’s a great crystal to wear as jewelry or carry with you.

It can be especially resonant as a necklace worn over the heart, but you can also slip a tumbled jade into your bra or shirt pocket to be near your heart, or simply carry one in your bag or purse. 

Be sure to sneak some jade into your wallet or wherever you carry your money, to help you attract more and more prosperity into your life!

Jade hearts


green jade crystal


Heart-shaped jade stones are the perfect aid for helping heal your heart chakra. They’re soothing to hold and rub like a worry stone, whenever you need a boost of confidence or are worried about money or not having enough of something, and it will help you release those fears and move into a calm, abundant state of being.

You can also lay with a jade stone right on your heart chakra, and simply breathe and be with your body for a few minutes. Place your attention on your heart and the stone, feel into their rhythms and frequency. See what thoughts come to mind, and what memories surface.

Jade will help you release and untangle the webs of your heart so you can feel clear, free, and ready to give and receive more goodness in this life!

Jade towers & pyramids


green jade crystal


To radiate that energy of luck, growth, and abundance into your entire space and everyone in it, a jade tower or pyramid is a great choice. 

You can keep one in your workspace to attract good opportunities and more prosperity, and help you make wise choices for your future. 

You can also keep jade in any room where you spend a lot of time, including the bathroom to send out radiant good vibes of healing, rejuvenation, and peace.

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