Pink Amethyst: Healing Properties, Benefits, & Uses

pink amethyst crystal meaning

Pink Amethyst: Healing Properties, Benefits, & Uses

pink amethyst crystals


Pink Amethyst resembles the sacred geometry of what you may know as Amethyst, which has deep hues of purple. However, Pink Amethyst is extremely rare, only found in one small part of the world, varies in value, and maintains its own set of spiritually healing properties and metaphysical meanings.


Both are a necessary part of any healing crystal collection, but here’s how Pink Amethyst may change your heart and life for good.

Pink Amethyst Meaning

When Pink Amethyst was rediscovered, its history emerged and showed that it was used to decorate dishes and jewelry worn for special occasions. Royalty considered the stone a good omen for the future and a symbol of longevity and luck.


Energetically, we now understand that the message of Pink Amethyst tells us that the “best is yet to come.”


Pink Amethyst crystals are a beautiful and powerful tool for matters of the heart. As energy flows through our body, it passes through energy centers known as chakras. The heart chakra, located in the center of the chest, is responsible for our ability to give and receive love. When this chakra is balanced, we experience positive energy and a sense of emotional stability.

Pink Amethyst crystals, which are found primarily in Patagonia Argentina, have a unique energy that helps to balance the heart chakra, attracting love and promoting self-love. Their gentle yet powerful vibration can help release emotional blockages and promote positive energy flows, ultimately creating a more harmonious and balanced state of being. Incorporating a Pink Amethyst crystal into your spiritual practice can be a powerful tool for enhancing matters of the heart.


Soothing Stone of Trust

pink amethyst crystal meaning


Pink Amethyst helps with self-trust and embracing the notion that the Universe is on your side. Life is happening for you, not to you, and this is the resounding energy you’ll feel when working with Pink Amethyst.


This stone of trust encourages you to fearlessly pursue your dreams and understand that you can do hard things. Pink Amethyst imparts celestial support and refuge for times when fear, doubt, and insecurity stand in your way. Use this gem as an energetic shield and press on.


This trust can also strengthen romantic relationships and friendships where insecurities, jealousy, and doubt are present. A bond may deepen as this crystal helps you peel back the emotional layers of someone you love. Alternatively, it may heighten your intuitive awareness of someone's dishonest intentions.


Crystals for Love

Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, Ruby, and Jade are powerful crystals of love that undoubtedly touch our hearts, but none transform its capacity for love from the inside out quite like Pink Amethyst. 


Much of what we understand about love and relationships is actually attachment. But the true essence of love is unconditional, untethered to circumstance, and in fact, our most natural state of being. Everything that blocks love or makes it difficult to experience and warps the narrative around it is trauma that our heart, mind, and body have stored.


Pink Amethyst emits an innocent tenderness, the nature your heart was in before its first crack. We can return to blissful states of surrender and unconditional love every moment we come back to the present moment and release ourselves from the past.


Similar to its heart chakra healing benefits, this unique crystal of love restores and repairs our ability to witness love and connection in even the most simple and seemingly insignificant moments throughout our days.


How to Heal with Pink Amethyst

pink amethyst crystal meaning uses


Pink Amethyst resonates with Yin energy and helps restore the divine feminine in all of us. When the divine feminine is neglected, imbalanced, or abused, we fail to take good care of our bodies, are more prone to anxiety, and overthinking that clouds judgment, emotions are erratic, there's a lack of inspiration or creativity, and your spiritual hygiene gets completely ignored.


This radiant and renewing crystal breaths life back into the sacred part of your energy field that calls for total self-love, compassion, clarity, hope, awakening, and empathy.


The shape of Pink Amethyst can help guide the energy and direct the best ways to use this healing crystal.


Tumbled Perfect as a pocket worry, keep your energy ally with you on the go. A Tumbled Pink Amethyst can be kept in your pocket, purse, car–pretty much anywhere you need an instant dose of universal love.


Raw Great as a paperweight, at your desk, or a decorative piece among other raw crystals, Raw Pink Amethyst is perfect for meditation, journaling, and cathartic healing sessions.


Pendant Worn over your heart chakra, a Pink Amethyst pendant keeps you aligned and open to love.


Point Use for heart healing crystal grids, kept under your pillow and used in sacred rituals.



Egg Direct the healing benefits of Pink Amethyst directly to your divine energy through yoni meditation, divine feminine affirmations, and egg-shaped Pink Amethyst.


Heart Chakra Alignment

The heart chakra is the most commonly blocked energy source in the body. Even in science, heart disease is the deadliest of them. When a painful experience isn’t processed, addressed, and released, it gets trapped and creates a disconnect between body and spirit.


An aligned and open heart chakra allows you to embody uncomfortable experiences without fear, judgment, or the need to escape. Instead, your open heart understands that this too shall pass, that there is an opportunity to understand yourself deeper, and that with all tough circumstances comes a chance to grow–which is ultimately why we’re here.


Pink Amethyst is an especially critical healing crystal because of how often and how easily the balance of the hearts gets disturbed.


Wear it as a pendant or hold Pink Amethyst close to your heart space when you are experiencing grief, loss, heartache, an inability to connect, closed off, vulnerable, unloved, or unloving.

 Can Pink Amethyst Go in Water?

Pink Amethyst is a beautiful form of amethyst that features a soft pink hue. This crystal is known for its connection to the crown chakra, which is associated with spiritual awareness and enlightenment. If you're looking for a crystal that is safe to use and care for, pink amethyst is a great choice. As for the question of whether it can go in water, the answer is yes. Pink amethyst is a durable crystal that can be safely cleansed in water, making it a great option for those who prefer this method of cleansing their crystals.

Practices with this crystal can be amplified by Heart Chakra Affirmations.



I am made of love

I have unlimited access to universal love

Love is my state of mind, and it is unconditional






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