Red Crystals for Power, Passion & Grounding

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Red Crystals for Power, Passion & Grounding 

Red crystals are energizing and stimulating, associated with power and passion, with blood and courage. Red stones resonate with the physical body, enhancing your connection to the earth and your humanness. 


Red is often a warning sign. It can mean stop, danger, poisonous. It conveys anger, aggression, violence, and rage. Red crystals are actually the perfect ones to help bring balance to any issues in your life that may have you “seeing red”.


They connect you to a sense of security and strength and help you ground and neutralize those intense feelings so you don’t act on them in a destructive way.


Red also connotes safety, health, and vibrancy. Think of the red hat of the firefighters who come to the rescue, biting into a red juicy apple, or the red blood that flows through our veins, the essence of life itself.


This red thread connects us to our bodies, to other humans, to our tribes, our families, our ancestors, and our roots. 


Learn more about some of our favorite red crystals and all the beautiful ways they can enhance your life!


Red Jasper - SHOP HERE

red jasper crystal meaning

Grounding and nurturing, red jasper strengthens the nervous system and helps you settle into your body and the present moment. It offers support and stability so you can release stress, anxiety, and tension from your body, and connect with your innate strength and stamina.


This stone opens and activates the root chakra, plugging your energy into the earth, increasing your endurance, courage, and self-confidence to charge ahead and follow your instincts.


When you feel like you just need a warm hug from mother earth, red jasper is a wonderful crystal companion to offer that nurturing sense of belonging and support that connects you back to your inner power and inherent wisdom. 


Vanadinite - SHOP HERE

vanadinite crystal meaning for sale

A portal between worlds, vanadinite is a powerful reddish-orange crystal that lights up your lower chakras and connects them to your third eye and crown, marrying the power of the material world with the magic of the spiritual dimensions. 


It’s a high-energy stone to help you access your full potential and express your creative impulses in the world. It lights up your inner fire and strengthens your desire and tenacity to go after what you truly want for your life. 


An empowering stone to move out of stuckness, break out of old patterns, and express yourself, vanadinite helps you bring your highest visions for your life into physical reality by helping you keep your priorities clear, your energy strong, and your mind focused on what you want to create in this world.


Garnet - SHOP HERE

garnet healing crystal meaning

Strengthening for the heart and root chakras, garnet helps you stand in your power and have conviction in yourself as your forge ahead through any challenges life throws at you.


A stone of courage, passion, and perseverance, garnet invigorates your energy, gets your blood moving, and restores your sense of confidence and faith in your abilities. It’s a crystal that straightens the backbone, aligning you with your integrity and helping you create energetic boundaries so you don’t get pushed and swayed around by outer influences.


Garnet helps you get to the root of your subconscious traumas and pain to pluck them out once and for all, releasing limiting beliefs and patterns of resistance and self-sabotage. When you’re ready to step into your power and claim your rightful place in this world, grab a garnet.


Carnelian - SHOP HERE

carnelian healing crystal meaning

Like a ripe, juicy blood orange, carnelian’s energy is refreshing, energizing, and full of zest, charging you up with the delicious feeling of abundance and pleasure and reconnecting you with your innate passions and desires.


Carnelian is connected to the sacral charka, bringing your creativity and sensuality to the surface, helping you feel and express your emotions, release self-imposed limitations, and follow the unique flow of your own being. 


A stone that brings strength, endurance, and a deep connection to your gut knowing, carnelian helps you understand what you want, what you deserve, and what you’re capable of, moving you into action towards creating the life you desire.


Red Aventurine 

Bright and happy, full of can-do energy, red aventurine is a sparkling stone that helps you be able to laugh at yourself and take all things in stride, encouraging self-confidence and self-forgiveness.


A protective crystal that brings renewal and vitality, helping you stay focused on what’s in front of you, and fostering clear, creative ideas. It sparks your inner fire and initiative to make the leap or acknowledge your mistakes and change course, forging ahead through life’s challenges to see your goals through to completion. 


It’s a great stone to dissipate anger, soothe tension and strife in relationships, and cool quick tempers, connecting you back to your inner stability and enthusiasm for life. 



To release the emotional burdens and energetic bruises of the past, ruby is a powerful stone to clear through the ancestral cobwebs and karmic ties, and connect you with the roots of who you are and who you came to this earth to be.


A royal stone of courage, faith, and tenacity, ruby helps you create a solid foundation and firmly commit to your goals, to your relationships, and to exploring your own creative power. 


Enhancing the earthly strength, energy, and vitality of your physical body, and connecting that with the powerful fires of the heart, ruby guides you to create a rich life full of deep love, passion, and pleasure.


Bloodstone - SHOP HERE

bloodstone jasper crystals for sale

A beautiful stone of transformation, bloodstone brings courage, vigor, and renewal through times of change. It’s a grounding and energizing stone that moves the blood and chi, clearing stagnant and stuck energy and emotions, and helping you come back to your center.


Bringing strength, security, and a smooth flow of energy, bloodstone eases stress and worry, grounds intense emotions, and helps you feel resilient and safe in your own skin.


It anchors the root chakra down into the support of the earth, while opening your heart to safely release any dense, heavy, or heightened emotions it's been holdling onto, bringing you back to a state of inner harmony and vitality.  



If you’re looking to increase your firepower and energy, connect with your innate strength and self-confidence, and bring your creative desires to life, there just might be the perfect red crystal waiting for you in our shop. 


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