Rhodonite’s heart-healing power

Rhodonite’s heart-healing power

Rhodonite’s heart-healing power


rhodonite healing crystal


Rhodonite is a heart-opening crystal that helps ground your emotional energy, so you can find support through all the ups and downs. Balance your heart chakra with this calming stone. 


Whether you want to foster more self-love, improve your relationships, or open your heart to more forgiveness and compassion, rhodonite is the gentle, supportive stone you want to have by your side.


Rhodonite crystal meaning


rhodonite healing crystal


Owing its name to the Greek word “rhodon”, meaning “rose-colored”, rhodonite can help you look at life through rose-colored glasses. It’s a stone of appreciation and openness, helping you find all there is to love and be grateful for right in this present moment.


Ranging in shades of light pink to a rosy pink with black inclusions, rhodonite connects with both your heart chakra and your root chakra, empowering you to take actions aligned with your heart and to feel more emotionally grounded and secure.


For those crying on the floor moments, to heal from toxic relationships or release the guilt and grief that lingers in your heart, rhodonite offers emotional cleansing and relief, giving you ground to stand on. It’s a wound healer, a repairer of broken hearts, and support to help you through the hardest times.


Rhodonite replaces criticism with compassion. It fosters understanding, patience, and forgiveness. It soothes triggers and knee-jerk reactions and helps you move through the world with a more balanced and open heart space.


Rhodonite Healing Properties


rhodonite healing crystal


Emotional & Mental Healing

Rhodonite wants to help you heal. It doesn’t want to leave the shadows lingering inside you. It’s the crystal to reach for when you’re ready to unearth your trauma and pain up by its root to release it for good.


It’s very helpful for heart pain, for supporting you through the end of a relationship, recovering after loss, or helping through intense transitions.


Rhodonite is also great support for the everyday little squabbles or frustrations you have in relationships, to help you release resentment, open up to more compassion and see things from a different perspective.


It’s also a wonderful crystal to encourage more self-love and self-compassion. Rhodonite can help you release the critical thoughts and negative feelings you hold for yourself, and help you treat yourself with more kindness, gentleness, and acceptance.


Whenever love feels difficult to hold onto, grab onto rhodonite to support you in finding your way. It helps you move on from the past with an open heart, strengthened by all the hard-learned lessons.


Physical Healing


rhodonite healing crystal


Rhodonite is a wonderful recovery stone that can help you through illness or injury, offering pain relief as well as helping you stay optimistic through it.


Connected with the heart space, it also affects the physical heart, increasing blood flow through your circulatory system, aiding cardiac deficiencies, and benefitting the immune system through the thymus gland that lies right in the center of your chest.


Rhodonite also works well to help tone the respiratory system, increasing airflow and helping you catch your breath, literally and physically, during emotionally intense events.


Rhodonite’s energy is invigorating and energizing, helping you take real-world action on your heart’s desires. It can bring physical rejuvenation whenever you’re feeling exhausted or run down.


Spiritual healing

Rhodonite is a stone of self-empowerment, to help you find your sense of purpose and move towards it with courage. It offers protection from negative energies and helps you stay grounded in your own sense of yourself, creating strong energetic boundaries.


As a heart chakra healer, it works to clear negative energies and long-held emotions from the past, pruning the rose garden of your heart to help it develop new growth and thrive.


It opens you up to unconditional love and acceptance, to appreciate everything that has brought you to where you are now, and help you apply all the lessons to serve and support others. 


As a root chakra healer, rhodonite brings strength and grounding, increasing your sense of self-worth and passion to move towards what lights your heart up the most. It can help you bring the yearnings of your heart into physical reality and help you feel centered and secure.


If you’re feeling lost or lonely, like you don’t belong, or are overwhelmed with emotion, rhodonite offers gentle support to help you lift your eyes to the light of love and be able to see all the good there is in your life, and the world around you.


Using rhodonite in your life

Wearing or carrying rhodonite


rhodonite healing crystal


You can stay in the beautiful loving vibrations of rhodonite all day and soak them up by wearing a rhodonite bracelet or necklace, or carrying a tumbled stone with you for the day. It’s a great crystal to stick in your bra or a chest pocket so it can be close to your heart, helping balance its energy throughout the day. Wear it when you need grounding, nurturing, and emotional protection.


Rhodonite hearts


rhodonite healing crystal


Heart-shaped rhodonites are the perfect companion for doing heart-based work. Their weight and smoothness make them comforting to hold and rub as a worry stone when you need it.


You can also meditate while holding one, or lay with it directly on your chest, as you focus on your heart space and imagine it letting go of all the emotions and pain it's been holding, and replacing it with loving, rose-colored healing energy. 


Rhodonite towers & spheres


rhodonite healing crystal


When you want to radiate rhodonite’s healing, love-centered energy into your whole space, a tower, obelisk, or sphere are great options to work with. You can place them on an altar space, or bedside table, in your living room or work area, anywhere you want to spread the rhodonite love vibrations around.


A sphere will radiate energy out in all directions and is also great to work with on the body, rolling it around areas of tension or over your chakras.


A tower or obelisk will focus and direct energy through its point and is great to use with specific intentions when placed in your space, or you can work with it on the body, facing the point towards wherever you want to direct its healing energy.

Ready for some rhodonite?

If you’re ready to receive more love in your life, to move into a more empowered relationship with yourself, to release the heavy emotions and create stronger boundaries, we have a lot of lovely rhodonite to discover in the shop!


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