Tips for Using Calming Crystals for Anxiety

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Tips for Using Calming Crystals for Anxiety


If you feel like life is getting you down and everyday stress has become unmanageable, consider using crystals. Crystals can help in reducing stress, calming the nervous system, and to help reduce anxiety. Many people swear by crystals in times of stress, and when used in conjunction with good eating, exercise, and meditative habits, they can add to an overarching sense of calmness and openness. To help you get started, here are a few tips for using calming crystals for anxiety. 



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Adding a few minutes of meditation to your day can contribute to a more positive, healthy, and calming lifestyle. Set aside time to meditate. The early hours of the day are usually best, but any time you can take to calm down and focus is the right time. Find a quiet place where no one will interrupt you. Adjust the lights and temperature so that you remain perfectly comfortable, and add candles, incense, or other sensory items around you to create the proper restful mood. Clear your mind, close your eyes, and concentrate on breathing in and out slowly. Holding and focusing on the crystal of your choice is a classic method of meditation but ensure it leaves you feeling calm and unbothered. When you order crystals online, there’s plenty of literature about the right crystals to employ. Research shows how deep breathing exercises can help manage panic attacks and stress levels.

Writing and Journaling

Some sites recommend purchasing a crystal that appeals to you, holding it, then taking time to write about how it makes you feel, interesting features on its surface, and so forth. Writing and journaling are wonderful habits that take you out of your mind temporarily by encouraging you to record your impressions of your surroundings, the day’s events, your deepest sense of self, your thoughts, impressions, and dreams. Crystals make for a wonderful focal point, enchanting us with their beauty and loveliness while inspiring the poetry within us all. Purchase a journal and pen, and feel the anxiety wash away with every word you jot down.



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Here’s another great tip for using calming crystals for anxiety. Keep one handy if it makes you feel better. Adherents recommend several crystals and minerals for dealing with anxiety, including amethyst, rhodonite, citrine, moonstone, sodalite, clear or rose quartz, celestite, and others. Some believe that these and other stones relieve stress, alleviate anxiety, provide emotional warmth, and more. But consider whether a specific crystal calls to you and keep it close by for comfort. Decorative crystals can give a room a more subtle and calming ambiance, while jewelry is the easiest way to keep crystals near. And it can look fantastic as well, so combine crystals with looking good and feeling good about yourself!

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