6 Best Crystals for Sleep

6 Best Crystals for Sleep

6 Best Crystals for Sleep

Catch more zzzs with these healing crystals


You’d do just about anything for some decent shut-eye when you’ve gone day, weeks, or even months without quality sleep. Unfortunately, many remedies include OTC drugs that knock you out but don’t leave you feeling rejuvenated or refreshed in the morning.


Crystals help us in all sorts of situations, so naturally, they can also improve your chances of having a restful night’s sleep. Here are the best crystals for sleep for deeper, high-quality rest.


The Spiritual Importance of Sleep


Your aura is restored with high-vibrational frequencies if you work with healing crystals. As your body, mind, and spirit find a new balance, your nervous system starts to regulate, and you may even succumb to spiritual detox. The result? The need for sleep.


Crystals for sleep are gentle, nurturing, and do much more than help you doze off.


  1. Lepidolite- Slow Your Thoughts

lepidolite crystal

The mind does this fun thing where it likes to ruminate and anticipate several scenarios or ideas just as you try to fall asleep. Lepidolite can silence your thoughts completely, but it can help keep you from following through with every thought.


Lepidolite soothes anxieties, fear, worry, mood swings, and self-doubt.


Keep this crystal on your nightstand, and as the overthinking starts, hold onto it and let go of the thoughts as they arise. You can even respond to them, “oh, that’s interesting,” let it go and keep from following through with whatever storyline your mind created. 

  1. Howlite- Relax Your Body

howlite crystal for sale

Alleviate stress and reduce insomnia with Howlite. It can be hard to tell your body it’s time for bed, especially if you habitually activate your senses through exercise, work, or social media scrolling before sleep. The best way to use Howlite for sleep is by putting it under your pillow or meditating with it about an hour before bedtime.



  1. Amethyst- Improve Ambiance

amethyst crystal

We all know to ditch the blue light and darken your room for proper sleep. But that’s only part of setting the mood for deep rest. Leave it to Amethyst to energetically keep a space primed for peaceful sleep.


Amethyst exudes calming energy. There’s a reason this healing crystal is a catch-all. Simply being in its presence puts you at ease, clears you of excess or negative energy, and prepares your body and spirit for solid sleep and recuperation.

  1. Trolleite- Stick to Your Sleep Schedule

tolleite crystal

Trolleite is a special and unique crystal for sleep. It brings responsibility, values, and discipline to the practice. Use Trolleite if you struggle to get to bed at an appropriate time or find yourself hitting the snooze button for an hour.


Trolleite is a nurturing stone that gently reminds you of how important it is to honor your physical need for sleep and the responsibilities that await you when you wake.

  1. Angelite- Receive Messages and Dream Visitations

angelite crystal for sale

If you’re spiritual or have been working with crystals for some time, you know that sleeping is only half the fun. With the help of Angelite, you can look forward to symbolism, messages, and visitations in your dream state. Angelite frequencies are celestial and invite pleasant sleep experiences. If you suffer from nightmares or night terrors, keep this under your pillow or wear it as jewelry.


Angelite helps you reach REM, where the body can restore and heal while the mind drifts into dreams. The quality of your REM sleep is the most important and determines how rested you feel.


And nothing feels better than your guardian angel or spirit guide dropping by for advice or a high-five. 

  1. Selenite- Cleanse the Day Away

selenite crystal for sale

One of the biggest challenges of getting to sleep is bringing the entire day with you to bed. Selenite is an energetic shower that helps you wash away menacing thoughts and keeps you in the present moment where your only focus is getting a good night’s sleep.


Selenite also has a flow-like effect that improves breathing, reduces snoring, soothes body jerks, and evokes physical relaxation.

How to Use the best Crystals For Sleep

Create a Nighttime Ritual

Keep your rest sacred through routine and a meaningful nighttime ritual. This can include listening to affirmations, praying, journaling, lighting candles, and all with your crystals on hand.


Keep Crystals Visible in Your Room

Especially because they’re small, it can be easy to forget your bedtime crystals if they’re not in front of you. A good way to remember is to have them scattered throughout. A few on your dresser, nightstand, and atop your pillow. For an added touch, you can leave little notes or affirmations beneath each crystal to help lull you into your nighttime intentions.


Crystals Grids for Sleep

You can create an energetic crystal grid for sleep using the crystals on this list. This magnifies the intentions and energy of each crystal, transforming your bedroom into a harmonized place of rest. You can create the crystal grid around your body as you sleep or simply leave it in the center of your bed and remove it just before crawling under the covers.


Use these crystals to evoke healing, calming, and restorative nights. I wish you the deepest sleep and the best of dreams.


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