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Healing with the Loving Energy of Rose Quartz

Healing with the Loving Energy of Rose Quartz

Healing with the Loving Energy of Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is one of the best crystals to use for emotional healing and self-care, as it reverberates with the energy of unconditional love.

Whether you need help and healing around any of your relationships with others, or want to take better care of the relationship you have with yourself, rose quartz can be one of your best energetic allies.

Rose quartz is associated with the heart chakra, which is responsible for bringing balance and harmony to your entire chakra system. Lying at the center of your body, in between the lower and upper chakras, your heart chakra is where you begin to bring awareness to your feelings, your subconscious beliefs, your unconscious patterning, and all the things that may be throwing your energetic system off balance.


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When you look at any situation in your life through the lens of your heart chakra, you bring compassion, empathy, understanding, and acceptance to it. And rose quartz is such an incredible heart chakra opener and balancer, it’s a must have stone for basically every human’s collection as it helps transform energy through the lens of the heart space.

When you’re on a journey to finding more self-love, it can be a long and winding road, but rose quartz can help bring you more clarity around what you deserve and desire for your life. It has an enveloping energy, like a warm blanket wrapped around you. Hold, wear or carry rose quartz whenever you feel like you need that warm hug of love around you, or to help you find the love that’s already residing right inside your heart.

You can work with rose quartz in many different ways, but one of my favorites is to use it in a self-care routine. This can mean holding it over your heart as you meditate, or wearing a rose quartz necklace as you journal about your feelings.


Rose quartz crystal

You can take a bath with rose quartz by your side, or even put some in the bath water with you to soak up it’s loving vibration. Only do this if you know it’s high-quality, pure rose quartz. You don’t want an irradiated, heat-treated or otherwise altered quartz in your bath with you, but pure natural quartz varieties are safe to use directly in water.

Speaking of water, you could even put some pure, untreated rose quartz in your drinking water to sip on during the day, or use it to make a crystal elixir.

An easy way to do this is to use the best water you can get (spring water or filtered water are good), put some in a glass jar or bowl, and place a pure rose quartz crystal in the water.

Then let this sit outside and soak up the sunshine or moonshine for a day or so- you can cover the top of it with a cloth or dish to keep debris out. The next morning, you’ll have a rose quartz crystal elixir! From that, take just a few drops of it a few times a day. You can say a little loving affirmation to yourself as you do it. And you’ll be enhanced with the frequency of rose quartz throughout the whole day.

Rose quartz crystal

Here are some ways you can use rose quartz to bring more loving energy into every area of your life:

To attract more loving relationships

The heart healing qualities of rose quartz are so beautiful that it can at once help you see what’s not working in your current relationships (whether romantic, friendly or familial) and at the same time, open your heart to attract more aligned, balanced, harmonious relationships in.

For communication struggles and squabbles and not feeling loved enough, rose quartz is great to work with to help shift your perspective to see where you can bring more compassion into the situation towards others, and yourself. It can also help you love yourself enough to leave what’s not working, and open up to what will.

To help heal emotional wounds

Rose quartz can help you find direction, peace and balance as you dig through the trenches of your wounded heart. We all have past pains and traumas that stick with us, and rose quartz can help bring some comfort and light to the shadows you hold, so you can release yourself from their grasp with more ease.

When you can confront your past, your pain, your wounds and learn to accept and love yourself exactly as you are, despite them, that’s where the real healing begins. And rose quartz acts like a light and comfort as you work through the darkness within.

To develop more self-love


rose quartz crystal healing uses


True self-love is acceptance. Acceptance of all your flaws and imperfections, of the mistakes you’ve made, of your past. Acceptance of all that you think is unloveable or unworthy about yourself. Use rose quartz to help you open that heart chakra into a place of acceptance and compassion towards yourself.

Working with affirmations and rose quartz together can be powerful, as the quartz acts as a transmitter of energy to carry those frequencies deep into your psyche. You can program a rose quartz point with a specific affirmation- just hold it as you say some loving words to yourself and with your intention, imagine the energy of those words being captured by the rose quartz. 

Then you can place this point anywhere near you, by your bedside or desk as you’re working, and it’ll be sending that loving affirmation out to the world around you. And each time you see it, it can be a reminder to say your affirmation again to yourself or simply feel into the energy of it.

We sure do love rose quartz and it feels like rose quartz loves us back! If you resonate with rose quartz, you have a beautiful heart healing journey up ahead. May its energy comfort and guide you along the way. 

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