Hematite: The crystal of protection and grounding

hematite meaning

Hematite: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Powers

The Meaning of Hematite


hematite crystal for protection


This shining metallic stone has a long history of being used for grounding, power, and protection by native people all across the world.

Its iron-rich content makes it feel heavy like an anchor, echoing its ability to help you pause, get present, and ground into your body and into Mother Earth.

Hematite has a beautiful yin energy that brings calm and equilibrium, helping you connect with the power of your intuition and the wisdom of your own body.

A great reliever for stress, anxiety, or any heightened emotions, it gives chaotic energy a place to land, helping you feel more secure, stable, and strong from the inside out.

Very protective and stabilizing for your energy field, hematite activates and strengthens the root chakra, connecting you to your strength, power, and sense of belonging. It helps you clear out the shadows and negative patterns held here so you can find more confidence, clarity, and focus in your life.

It’s a beautiful stone to meditate with, or to sit outside in nature with, to feel its ability to calm your mind, help your body settle, and ground your energetic roots down into the Earth to connect with a sense of power and peace that can only come from within.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can use hematite to bring healing into your everyday life! 

Hematite Healing Properties


hematite crystal for protection


Emotional & Mental Healing

If you’re someone who gets stuck in your head, worrying and wondering and plotting and planning, hematite is a great companion to help you get out of your racing mind and into your body.

It’s wonderful to use whenever you’re feeling spacey, flakey, or out of sorts, to help you connect to the Earth and find a sense of calm and peace. This can be helpful whenever you’re doing any psychic or intuitive work, or anytime you’re feeling emotionally overwhelmed or off-kilter.

Hematite also has a protective quality that moves any negative or chaotic energy that’s hanging out in your aura and chakras down and out through your root chakra, to be composted by mother Earth.

It can dissolve and shift negative energies that lie within you, or that are coming at you from the outside world, to help you move through life with more courage and ease.

A great stone for empaths, hematite can help when you’re feeling overwhelmed or over-sensitive so that you don’t take on all those emotional energies from the outside world.

It also helps you release trivial complaints and issues you may have with people in your life, helping bring you into a more balanced view of your relationships and taking the emotionality out of things, bringing a more rational perspective.

Physical Healing


hematite crystal for protection


Derived from the Greek word for blood, hematite is a blood mover and energizer.

It’s beneficial for any blood-related disorders, purifying the blood and removing toxins, and helping to restore, strengthen and regulate the body’s blood supply in the kidneys.

It’s also helpful for increasing iron absorption and stimulating the formation of red blood cells.

Hematite’s nurturing qualities help you rest and recuperate from pain, illness and injury, regenerating tissues and connecting you with your strength and power.

This also makes it a great aid to relieve pain and inflammation anywhere in the body.

As a level-headed and balancing stone, hematite’s also a great tool for treating addictions, compulsions, and any overindulgences that have gotten your life off balance. It has a grounding and sobering effect for the body, helping you feel centered, clear, and able to focus on the best choices for your life.

Spiritual healing

As a root chakra balancing crystal, hematite is a great spiritual tool to help you embody all the wisdom and strength you contain. It can help you see through the fog of confusion to find clarity and direction about your purpose, your power, and how to feel secure in this world.

Even though it’s a very earthy stone related to material world energies like money and the physical body, hematite has a strong effect on the mind, bringing your body and mind into alignment to help you stay strong and assured in yourself no matter what life throws at you.

A great anchor stone for anytime you feel swept up with life, distracted, confused, or caught in a whirlwind, hematite will help you find calm, presence, and awareness of what you truly need in your life to feel balanced.

Its energy is like the eye in the center of a storm, reducing stress and overwhelm and helping you connect with your true power in this present moment.

Using Hematite in your Life


hematite crystal for protection


Wear or Carry

To carry a sense of calm balance with you into every situation you encounter throughout the day, wearing a hematite bracelet, or carrying a small tumbled or palm stone in your pocket is a great option.

Hematite works best when it's in contact with your skin which makes beaded hematite bracelets work well, but you can also just hold your stone for a few moments a few times throughout the day to touch base with yourself and ground into the present moment. 

At Work

A supreme stone to have by your side in business or study, hematite will help focus and concentrate your mind and help you stay grounded and rational in your perspective and energized towards your goals.

Keep one at your desk or workspace, or near you as you research or study, to feel its anchoring, grounding and centering effects carry you easily through any mentally stimulating work.


An almost instantaneously grounding stone, just holding hematite in your hand and breathing for a few moments can bring a strong sense of calm.

To up the ante of this effect, imagine your root chakra opening and sending your grounding cord down into the earth, or see roots growing down from the bottom of your feet into the ground, and plug into that power and strength of mother earth.

It also feels really good to rub a cool, smooth hematite palm stone on the bottom of your feet, to ground your body and release negative energy and toxins. It has an incredibly relaxing and balancing effect, whenever you need more of that in your life!


Hematite FAQ

Is hematite magnetic

Genuine hematite found in nature does not possess magnetic properties. However, there are products labeled as "hematine" or "magnetic hematite" in the market. Contrary to their names, these materials do not contain any real hematite. While they may resemble hematite and even have red streaks, their magnetic nature reveals their true composition.

What is hematite used for

  1. Jewelry: Hematite is popular in jewelry design due to its metallic luster and dark color. It's often used in rings, bracelets, and necklaces.

  2. Grounding Stone: Hematite is believed to have grounding and protective energies. Many people use it as a spiritual grounding stone to enhance focus, concentration, and balance.

  3. Healing: In crystal healing, hematite is thought to help with blood-related disorders, including anemia. It is also used for pain relief, especially for cramps and headaches.

  4. Magnetic Applications: While natural hematite is not magnetic, processed hematite, known as "magnetic hematite," is used in various magnetic applications, including compasses.

  5. Pigment: Hematite is a source of iron ore and is often used as a pigment in paints and cosmetics due to its reddish-brown color.

  6. Decoration: Hematite is sometimes carved into decorative objects, beads, and ornaments.

  7. Feng Shui: In Feng Shui, hematite is used for grounding and balancing energy in living spaces.

  8. Industrial Use: Hematite is a significant source of iron ore for the steel industry. Iron extracted from hematite is used to produce steel and various iron-based products.


Where is hematite found ?

Hematite is found in various countries worldwide, including Brazil, Australia, the United States, China, India, Russia, Canada, South Africa, Sweden, and Iran.



Can hematite go in water?

Yes, hematite can go in water. However, it's advisable to avoid prolonged exposure to water and to dry it thoroughly afterward to prevent any potential damage.

Is Hematite a Mineral?

Yes, hematite is a mineral. It is a common iron oxide mineral and is the most important ore of iron.

Does hematite rust?

Yes, hematite can rust. Hematite is an iron ore composed mainly of iron oxide minerals, which can oxidize and rust when exposed to air and moisture over time. The rusting process occurs as the iron in hematite reacts with oxygen and water to form iron oxide, commonly known as rust.

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