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Malachite for Metamorphosis & Deep Healing

Malachite for Metamorphosis & Deep Healing

Malachite for Metamorphosis & Deep Healing




Malachite is a rich, earthy green stone that helps protect your heart and your perspective. It connects you back to the abundance and strength that is always in you, helping you harness your innate power. 


Used for millennia by ancient Egyptians, Greek, Romans and Russian czars, the powerful protective and healing qualities of malachite are long known.


Created when copper oxidizes and changes into stunning and varied shades of green, it’s a stone of transformation to help you through your own changes along life’s twisty path.


Often thought of as the traveler’s stone, it brings luck and protection with you for any journey, whether you’re traveling the world or traversing the depths of your own heart.


Let’s take a look at some of the ways malachite can help you in your everyday life!


Malachite for Protection

malachite crystal

In its ancient usage, malachite was considered a stone to ward off the “evil eye” and protect its wearer from negative energy. It’s a stone with very aggressive and forthright energy, a stone with a warrior spirit and a big open heart. It’s not for the faint of heart, it’s for those ready to take action and step into the fullness of their lives.


It helps protect one’s energy in difficult relationships, whether that’s with an annoying coworker, a hard to deal with family member, a past romance or even your relationship with your inner child. It empowers you to stand up for yourself and your own heart, and gain a clearer, wider perspective of the situation as a whole. 


Malachite is also thought to be especially protective during travel, to help calm any fears and dispel negative energy. 


Physically protective as well, it’s known as a midwife’s stone for the protection it offers to mama and baby during the birthing process. It can offer relief to menstrual related cramps, pain and mood swings. It’s a blood mover, an energizer, and stuckness remover to protect you physically and energetically.


Pair with obsidian for the ultimate protection duo and some serious emotional healing support.



Malachite for Heart Healing

malachite sphere

A powerful emotional healer, malachite helps you move through painful emotional events so you can forgive, heal and grow.


It’s copper content is a mover and shifter of emotional energy. It can direct and transform the hard emotions into fertile ground for growth.


Helps heal issues from past relationships, such as a broken heart, resentment, pain, and grief. Helps you gain perspective, take responsibility and prune the tangled branches of your heart space. This stone can also help balance the heart chakra, allowing you to invite in an abundance of unconditional love. 


It’s meant for deep work though, so be ready. It will help you unearth the deep rooted sorrows and pain, bringing them to the surface for release and healing.


This is a stone that is here for you when you’re ready for it, and that you won’t be attracted to unless or until you’re ready to face the shadows, uncover the things you’ve been hiding, and bring them into the light of healing. 


Malachite is a stone to help you find the lessons in the pain and your strength through the struggle. It opens you up to forgiveness and gratitude for whatever is present.


Pair it with rose quartz for a more gentle heart opening, to help temper malachite’s direct and powerful energy with softness and grace.


Malachite for Confidence

Malachite also helps stimulate and heal the solar plexus chakra, which is related to your sense of self and your personal power.


For self-esteem issues, low self-worth, or lots of negative self-talk running through your mind, malachite can help you cut through the muck and into the truth of who you actually are- a beautiful, empowered being.


It helps you shake off the negative perceptions to see the strength and courage you contain. It’s transformative powers can shift the state of your own emotional perspective. When you’re ready to let go of all that’s held you back from going after what you want, malachite helps you accept, move on and learn to thrive. 


Reach for malachite when you want to embrace life with open arms and an open heart, ready for adventure. It will help release you from the shackles of the past and spur you forward towards what your heart truly wants.


It’s a stone that expands all those leadership qualities within you, and is a great gift to give to the leaders you know in your life. 



Working with malachite in your life

To lift your spirits

Wear or carry malachite to rejuvenate your spirit, help you find courage, confidence, vitality and good luck! It carries the abundant energy of our rich and fertile Earth, to help align you with your own abundance and gratitude for what’s right here in the present moment.


Travel with malachite, either carried in your bags or on your body. Hold it if any fear comes up during travel, such as a bumpy moment on an airplane ride, and let it help transmute that fearful energy.

Self-esteem boost

Wear or carry malachite when you need some courage and confidence to get through the day, have a big event or something out of your comfort zone to face. It will open your heart and solar plexus, boosting your ability to connect and take action from a centered place. Let it help you take the risks you know are worth taking.


Malachite’s energy pairs the heart’s desires with the action taking of the solar plexus, making it the perfect crystal friend for manifesting! Hold a piece of malachite as you visualize what you want for your life. Hold it or have it near as your write out your intentions. Hold it to your heart as you say your affirmations. 

Protect your aura

Hold a piece of malachite to your heart and take a few deep breaths. Envision its beautiful green color emanating from your heart chakra, from both the front and back of your body, and see it filling up your entire aura. Watch the beautiful green light fill up the whole egg shaped invisible shell of energy around you. Allow the malachite energy to encompass your aura for balance and energetic protection.

Cleansing malachite

Cleanse malachite on the earth, in the dirt, on a selenite plate, with smudge smoke or your focused intention. You don’t want to get malachite wet or let it soak in water as it may get damaged and will leach copper into the water, which could be toxic.




If the beautiful green patterns of malachite are calling to you, it means you’re ready to transform and do some deep healing work. Check out the shop to see if there’s a malachite piece for you!






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