Moss Agate: Healing Properties & Everyday Uses

Moss Agate: Healing Properties & Everyday Uses

Moss Agate: Healing Properties & Everyday Uses

The Meaning of Moss Agate

moss agate healing crystal


Moss agate has been used throughout all times in almost all cultures to bring growth, stability, and abundance- to your garden, your mindset, your health, and your bank account! 

Associated with the energy of nature itself, moss agate brings a grounded frequency of slow, steady growth that’s always working in harmony with all the other elements to thrive and prosper. Its energy feels patient, calm, and present, bringing you back into your body, into your center, into your heart.

As a heart chakra stone, moss agate aids in bringing mutual understanding and kindness to relationships of all sorts, and can help you balance out how much you give and receive in your life so you don’t wind up stressed out and depleted.

Gentle and loving, moss agate is supportive in helping you create a stable foundation for abundance to grow in your life, boosting self-confidence and self-acceptance, helping you release old wounds and traumas, and allowing yourself to become strengthened by your past experiences in order to create a beautiful future.

Let’s dig more into how you can use this wise and supportive stone to bring healing into your everyday life. 

Moss Agate Healing Properties

moss agate healing crystal

Emotional & Mental Healing

A beautiful emotionally healing stone, moss agate helps balance out low, dense and negative feelings, and brings grounding to anxious, chaotic, and overstimulated emotions, helping you find inner balance and stability. 

With its gentle heart-opening, nurturing essence, moss agate helps you create stable, long-term connections with people, to better all sorts of relationships in your life. It can help you attract people that will bring more harmony and happiness into your life, and is a great stone to carry if you’re feeling shy or closed off, to help you open your heart up to new possibilities. 

Awakening the mind to new ideas and new ways of being, moss agate inspires you to release the burdens and limiting beliefs from your past, and embrace new growth and all the potential that it brings. It helps you uproot the anger, bitterness, and resentment that may be lingering in your heart and plant seeds of acceptance, abundance, and appreciation there instead.

Very grounding anytime you feel frustrated or stressed-out, moss agate clears the mind, enhancing concentration and aligning you with the path towards healing and growth. It brings presence, peace, and calm as you slowly but surely lay the foundation for reaching your greatest potential.

Physical Healing

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Moss agate helps you get back into the rhythm and pace of nature, to rest, recuperate, and rejuvenate your body. It’s strengthening and fortifying during illness or injury, to help your body heal and come back into internal harmony, releasing pain and energetic and environmental toxins.

Use it to increase your patience, endurance, and fortitude to create new habits, exercise routines, healthy eating patterns, or anything that can help your body come into more balance and thrive.

Known as a midwife’s stone, moss agate can help during childbirth to ensure a smooth labor, ease pain, and bring a strong and grounded nurturing energy to the whole experience. 

It also helps you better connect with the energies of nature all around you, and is said to even have an effect on the weather, being used to either bust clouds or bring the rain, depending on what’s required to bring the land back into a state of harmony.

Spiritual healing

moss agate crystal healing meaning

A wonderful stone for planting new seeds in your life- whether you want to start a new business or project, a new relationship, or create new belief systems for yourself- moss agate brings its fertile energy of growth and healing to both the physical and energetic aspects of your life.

It strengthens self-esteem and confidence, encouraging you to live more consciously and create a life that’s balanced between yin and yang energy, between giving and receiving, doing and being. 

Its deep resonance with the plant world can help you better connect with the spiritual energy of plants, to communicate with them and understand their needs better, and even open up to receiving messages and guidance from nature spirits, devas, fairies, and the plants and flowers themselves.

With its slow and steady frequency that is primed for abundant growth and prosperity, and its deep connection with the natural world, moss agate resonates with the energy of Taurus, bringing fertility, patience, and perseverance. 

Using Moss Agate in your Life

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Everyday Balance

Wear or carry moss agate with you throughout the day to stay in its harmonious energy, helping you release stress and tension as it arises, and to stay grounded and focused on the present moment.

It can help you make healthier choices throughout the day. Hold or rub it as you’re considering what to eat or while you’re grocery shopping, and it will help you choose the right things to help your body thrive.

Green Thumb 

A friend for plants of all sorts, you can stick moss agate in your garden, houseplants, or out in the yard to help anything that’s leafy and green grow and thrive. This stone has been used for centuries in ancient farming and agriculture practices to boost plant production and vitality for an abundant harvest.


Moss agate is a beautiful stone to help you attract more income and abundance into your life, but it does so in a slow and stable way, without volatility or sudden ups and downs.

Use moss agate to seed the intentions for whatever you want to nurture, for the things you need to create a responsible, organic and steady growth in, from your business to your relationships to your confidence in yourself. 

Bring one with you to work or keep one at your desk or creative space, to attract luck, money and opportunities your way, and help you stay focused on nurturing all that which you most want to grow in your life.

Our Collection of Moss Agate

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