Shungite: Healing Properties and Uses

Shungite: Healing Properties and Uses

Shungite: Healing Properties and Uses

Shungite: Healing Properties and Uses

 shungite healing properties

Shungite is a powerful crystal ally that offers incredible healing properties and benefits. It's versatile and boasts a gentle, yet incredibly strong energy that can help balance the root chakra, provide a solid foundation, and shield you from negative energy.

This potent crystal is renowned for its ability to protect against harmful forms of energy, such as electric and magnetic fields. Additionally, it can also charge up your drinking water, making it an essential tool in your healing toolkit.

In this article, we will delve deeper into the benefits of using shungite for energy balancing and protection against negative energy


Introduction to Shungite: 

Shungite is a black opaque stone made up of mostly carbon and carries a cleansing and grounding vibration. It is found in an area in a town called Shunga in Keralia, Russia, and can be in raw form, which is rarer called ‘noble’ or ‘elite’ shungite’ as well as a polished form called classic shungite in the shape of palm stones, pyramids, disks, orbs, and other shapes. 

Shungite is said to be over 2 billion years old and contains a plethora of minerals within it including iron, calcium, copper, magnesium, and more. But as this stone is mostly carbon-based it has a unique atomic make-up of hollow clusters called ‘fullerenes’ which give shungite its ability to trap molecules such as free radicals. 

Shungite is of interest to researchers and this ancient stone has been studied for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, its ability to treat water for heavy metals and block harmful EMFs/radiation (electromagnetic fields or radiation). This makes it a powerful spiritual and physical ally. 

With that, let’s get into the details on shungite’s healing properties and how to use this stone 

The Metaphysical Healing Properties of Shungite

 shungite uses and benefits


1) Root Chakra Balancing 

Shungite is associated with the Root Chakra, which is the first chakra located at the base of the spine. It is the first chakra and so is associated with your survival needs and instincts. 

It also corresponds to the earth and feeling at home in your body. Shungite supports the experience of feeling comfort, safety, and stability in the physical world. 

This stone helps you recognize when you are physically depleted and can support you in cleansing this chakra from cluttered or stuck energies that are keeping you in repeat patterns or exhaustion. It can bring you a clearer sense of what you need for nourishment: physically, emotionally, and mentally. 

2) Grounding 

Feeling grounded is essential for maintaining a sense of balance, and shungite is a powerful crystal that can support this process. The root chakra, also known as the Muladhara chakra, is the energy center responsible for grounding us to the Earth. Shungite's ancient and earthy energy is perfect for a grounding practice as it supports the sacral chakra, which is associated with the color red and root chakra energy.

By using shungite during your grounding practice, you can strengthen your connection to the Earth and feel more aligned with the energies of nature. It helps you feel more embodied, and it can assist with healing around embodiment.

Shungite can help you reconnect with yourself. It can restore your energy and make you feel grounded in your body. If you are feeling too distant from yourself, shungite can help bring you back. Incorporating shungite into your grounding practice is a powerful way to support your spiritual growth and well-being.

3) Working through challenges 

Shungite is a very supportive ally when it comes to healing emotional wounds, trauma, and other psychological pains. It can support you on your wellness journey, making space for you to process feelings of guilt, fear, anger, resentment, and shame. 

It can pull fractured parts of your spirit together, integrating, and supporting you in feeling centered within yourself. It can help you face challenges that you are wanting to overcome but need an added boost of support along the way. 

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4) Creating a Protective Shield 

Just like its purported physical abilities to block radiation and purify water, it also can do this for you energetically. Shungite has the ability to both cleanse and protect your energy field. Having this stone on you can create a gentle protective shield, helping you stay aligned in yourself while keeping other people’s energies out. 

Another aspect of the shielding property of shungite is its ability to block you from stress, anxiety, and worry caused by tensions in the world around you. It adds a calm layer to the aura that doesn’t let the tensions happening in the day-to-day penetrate your psyche. 

5) Block EMF/Radiation and other frequencies 

Shungite is said to help mitigate harmful rays of EMF/radiation. It can also be especially supportive for those who are highly sensitive to environmental energies including the frequencies of technology, electronics, and other machinery. Its atomic structure is thought to take on these vibrations and alleviate the effects that these energies can have on you. 

How to Use Shungite: 

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Use Shungite for Charging Water 

One of shungite's most amazing healing benefits is the effect it can have on water. As scientific studies suggest, shungite can play a part in absorbing toxins out of your water. As shungite is carbon-based, like charcoal, it has similar purifying properties. 

It is said that shungite in water can potentially: 

  • Neutralize impurities
  • Absorb heavy metals and pollutants from the water
  • Blocks EMFs
  • Makes viruses and bacteria inactive 

This concept can carry over into the spiritual dimension as well. Putting a piece of shungite in water can charge it up and create an overall body balancing and healing water. 

Shungite water benefits may include:

  • Adding a protective layer around the aura
  • Energetic body detox
  • Reduces stress 
  • Root Chakra balancing
  • Emotional balancing
  • Spiritual healing 

How to make shungite-infused water: 

Put a piece of shungite either elite or classic, in a glass of water and let it sit for at least 6 and up to 24 hours. Take the stone out before drinking and reuse it to charge your water as necessary. Drink your charged water throughout the day. 

And every once in a while you might also want to give your shungite a Moon bath and leave it out under the Full Moon. Even though this crystal is self-cleansing, a Moon bath can help enhance it to keep its energy running optimally. 

Use Shungite as Jewelry or as a Talisman 

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Another way to receive the benefits of shungite is to wear it as jewelry or carry it as a talisman. Worn as a pendant it can be especially supportive for warding off harmful energies from the environment. If you work or are around technology, it can help block these frequencies from getting into your energy field. Consider keeping some pieces of shungite around your home near your TV, computer, and other electronics. 

Use Shungite in Healing Grids and Energy Work 

Shungite makes a grade addition to energy work and crystal healing grid configurations. It can be placed near the feet to help cleanse the Root Chakra and ground you into your body. It also has an energetic magnetizing type of quality that can help you feel secure, rooted, and strong in your sense of self, identity, and beingness. Shungite can also be used as a wand to break up energy blocks and clear the aura. 

Use Shungite to Enhance Meditation

One other way you can use shungite is to meditate with the stone. It can frequently be purchased in the form of a palm stone, sphere, pyramid, and a variety of other shapes. Consider keeping a piece on your altar or holding onto a piece when you meditate or do your spiritual practices. This can provide you with a sense of peace, grounding, and focus. 

The Takeaway 

Shungite is an ancient and magical stone that can be just what you need on your healing journey. While you shouldn’t rely on shungite to protect you from all types of contaminated water or damaging radiation in the environment, it does have the potential to be a supportive ally for these things, at least energetically. Having a practice of drinking shungite water or carrying a shungite stone on you can have amazing spiritual benefits and help you feel rooted and clear in your sense of being. 



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