Sodalite: Healing Properties & Everyday Uses

sodalite healing properties

Sodalite: Healing Properties & Everyday Uses

The Meaning of Sodalite

 sodalite crystal meaning


Sodalite is a stone for the realm of the mind, to help you find clarity and calm, to widen and enhance your mental perception, and to stoke your natural intelligence and wisdom to shine through.


A stone for the throat, third eye, and crown chakras, sodalite can help heighten your intuitive awareness, deepen your connection with your guides and highest self, and activate your ability to express your truth and insights freely. 


It’s a beautiful crystal that marries not only the intuitive elements of the mind, but also helps you organize and formulate your thoughts and insights into rational, practical, actionable wisdom that you can use in the real world.


Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can use sodalite to enhance your everyday life!


Sodalite Healing Properties

sodalite crystal meaning


Emotional & Mental Healing

Sodalite is a perfect stone to help get your mind in order. Where there is chaos going on in your head, sodalite can come in and calm it down, organize it, and lay it out in a way that makes rational sense to bring you relief.


It’s great for studying with, working with, helping you steer clear of distractions and stay focused on what’s in front of you, what you want to express, convey and discern.


It’s great for helping to release toxic thought patterns and the tapes playing in the back of your mind, so that your inner dialogue becomes more calm and clear.


Sodalite links this clear mind with the throat, helping you express your emotions and move them out of your body to clear old guilt, grief, fear, and other baggage you’ve been carrying with you. 


It helps you speak with honesty and integrity, and to be able to communicate the wisdom coming in from the higher realms and the insights you receive from your intuition.


 sodalite healing properties



Physical Healing

Sodalite’s effect on the throat chakra helps you speak more clearly, fluently, and easily, allowing the words to flow which makes it a great crystal to keep with you for public speaking or anytime you need to be very clear and expressive with your words.


It carries this energetic effect into your physical throat, helping to clear soreness, hoarseness, and any throat or neck-related problems, and can help stimulate and balance the thyroid.


It’s a cleanser and soother for fevers and inflammation and helps flush out toxins from the lymphatic system, improving overall immunity and balance in your body.


Spiritual healing

As a throat chakra opener, sodalite expands your ability to express yourself clearly and precisely, to better focus on what you want to convey, not only through your words but in all the many ways you can express yourself throughout the day.


It brings a calm composure, clarity, and a connection with your own truth, with what is correct for you, to help you stay more integrity with yourself.


As a third eye chakra healer, sodalite does have an effect on the intuition, but not so much by way of enhancing its effects, more in how it can clear through the clutter of your mind to allow clear pathways for your intuition to be perceived.


It helps you hear the wise guidance of your higher self and spirit helpers more clearly. It helps you expand your perception and awareness beyond the confines of your own mind, beyond the confines of your conditioning, to discover the order and reason that exists within all things. 


And sodalite’s connection with the crown helps lift your perception and awareness higher so you can get a bird’s eye view of life and see which pathways to take to get where you want to go.


It’s a stone for planning, organizing, and cultivating the vision you want for your life, and to help you start taking the action steps to move towards that.


Using Sodalite in your Life

sodalite crystal for sale 


Everyday Clarity

Wear or carry sodalite with you throughout the day to keep your mind clear and sharp, to help you focus on what you are creating and expressing into the world, and to keep you plugged into the energy of your intuition to guide you through the day.



Wear sodalite on your neck, or around your wrist especially if you tend to talk with your hands, to help stimulate clear and confident communication.


It helps your mind stay clear and open to receiving the wisdom of your higher guidance and be able to speak that out loud in a way so others can hear it.


It’s also a great crystal to help you listen, creating an energy of mutual understanding and openness between people. 



When your mind feels cluttered or overwhelmed, sodalite is a great clearing stone to meditate with that can help you lift your consciousness above the haze of all the thoughts, and discern what is most important to focus on, what needs your attention, and what can be allowed to blow away like the clouds. 


Learning & Teaching

Sodalite is a really helpful crystal when it comes to learning new information, helping you receive, discern and absorb what’s most important or beneficial for you most easily.


It also gives you the tools to be able to communicate your own knowledge and wisdom to others more clearly, making it a great stone for teachers or anyone who is imparting their knowledge to others in a way and wants to do it with authenticity, truth, and clarity.

Ready for some Sodalite?

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