Onyx: Healing Properties & Everyday Uses

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Onyx: Healing Properties & Everyday Uses

Onyx: Healing Properties & Everyday Uses

The Meaning of Onyx

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Onyx is a highly potent crystal that exudes protection, strength, and grounding energy. It helps you establish a strong connection with your body and provides you with an innate sense of safety and security, no matter what challenges come your way.

For thousands of years, Onyx has been used across various cultures, from ancient Egyptian pottery to Roman and Greek jewelry, to impart a sense of responsibility, resilience, and focus on your goals. Its nickname, the “Gem of Saturn,” speaks to its ability to guide you through your Saturn return with a sense of calm and purpose.

Onyx is also a powerful tool for emotional healing, helping you release negative thinking patterns and clearing away old emotional wounds. Its energy acts as a shield, protecting your aura from negative energy and entities, allowing you to stay energized and resilient in the face of negativity.

Furthermore, Onyx is a stone of balance and stability, promoting clarity and helping to relieve stress, anxiety, and grief. By wearing Onyx, you can connect with your inner strength and willpower, empowering you to move forward and create the life you desire.

If you're looking for ways to incorporate this powerful stone into your life, there are various ways to do so, from placing it in strategic locations for feng shui purposes to carrying it with you as a protective talisman. You can also wear green Onyx to amplify its energy and enhance its grounding properties. Onyx is one of the best crystals for protection and a perfect tool for anyone looking to clear their minds of negative thoughts and emotions.

Onyx Healing Properties

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Onyx comes in a variety of colors, the most common being black, but it’s also found in shades of brown, grey, red, orange, yellow, and even green. These healing properties are common to all shades.

Emotional & Mental Healing

Onyx is a great emotional strengthener, helping to relieve worries, tension, stress, and fear. It’s supportive when you’re going through emotional ups and downs, feeling overwhelmed, depressed, or exhausted, bringing its stable energy into your field to help you find balance, security, and reassurance from within. 

Black onyx is a great absorber of dense and heavy energies, helping release self-doubt and negative thinking patterns to help you see the truth of your strength, confidence, and capabilities. Green onyx is particularly soothing for the heart, helping you recover from emotional wounds no matter how long ago they occurred. This is also a wonderful stone of protection.

When you feel like you’re struggling or facing any sort of challenge or adversity, onyx is a great companion stone to have with you to help you feel calm, stable, and strong enough to move through any obstacles. It can bring great relief to the hardest, heaviest feelings such as grief, helping you move through the pain without losing your light in the process.

Great for clearing out the racing thoughts, moving you out of your head and back into your body, onyx can help you make calm, clear decisions, focus on your goals, and gain more self-control over your emotional reactions. 

Physical Healing

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Onyx is a great physical healer and rejuvenator, promoting vigor, strength, and stamina in the body. It aids in recovery from illness, injury, or fatigue, helping you get back on your feet and regain stability and vitality.

Great for the nervous system to reduce stress and anxiety throughout the day, onyx helps you recover from a triggered adrenal response and come down out of fight or flight mode more easily.

It also works particularly well to heal root chakra related physical issues, such as strengthening the bones and tendons, alleviating pain and inflammation in the lower body, legs, and feet, and helping relieve menstrual, gastrointestinal, and bladder related issues. 

Spiritual healing

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Onyx opens, cleanses, and charges the chakras, opening your root chakra and connecting you to the ground beneath your feet through which you can release all the energy from your system that is toxic, heavy, stagnant, or out of alignment.

It offers protection and security, shielding your aura from negative energies and attachments, strengthening your field and energetic boundaries so you can stay authentic to yourself and your personal convictions, beliefs, and feelings throughout the day and not get swayed and pulled around by outer influences.

Onyx helps you be more assertive and sure-footed along your path in life, learning to channel your struggles and pain into the steps that help you reach your goals and discover your true potential.

Using Onyx in your Life

Everyday Balance

Onyx works its magic when it’s directly in your energy field, so wearing it as a bracelet, on a necklace, or carrying a little onyx stone with you throughout the day is an awesome way to be in its protective, grounding energy all day long. 

Its vibration will help you feel more balanced and secure, warding off negative energy from the outside world, and keeping you energized and ready to tackle whatever life throws at you head-on.


A beautiful, soothing stone to bring you right back down to earth, onyx is a great choice to work with for everyday grounding.

You may want to work with an onyx pyramid, tower, or sphere which each radiates its energy outwardly into the entire space, or you can simply wear or hold an onyx stone as you do a simple grounding practice. 

Try taking a few breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth and focus on the onyx as you connect with your body. Imagine roots growing down from your feet and feel the supportive, strong foundation you have within you.

Then ask for any energy you’re holding onto that is not serving you to release down and out, through your roots, back into the earth to be composted.  


Onyx is an excellent stone to journal with to help you process and release heavy emotions and cluttered thoughts.

Simply hold an onyx stone or have it near as you do this sort of inner-reflection work, and it will help you clear your mind, decipher your emotions, and begin to release all that you’re holding that’s no longer serving you.

It will help you bring old traumas and pain that’s been stuffed down, even from past lives and ancestral wounding, into the light of consciousness so you can see it, acknowledge and release it for good.


Zodiac Birthstone :

Onyx is a powerful gemstone associated with the zodiac signs of Leo and Capricorn. As a birthstone for these signs, it’s believed to bring grounding, strength, and stability to their lives. It’s said that onyx helps Leo harness their innate courage and leadership abilities, while also providing a sense of calm and stability to their fiery nature.

For Capricorns, onyx supports their responsible and disciplined nature, helping them stay focused on their goals and overcome any obstacles that come their way. With its deep black color, onyx is also believed to absorb negative energies and protect against negative thoughts and emotions. Whether worn as jewelry or placed in a home as a feng shui remedy, onyx is a beautiful and powerful gemstone for those seeking grounding and protection.


which hand to wear black onyx bracelet

Which hand to wear black onyx bracelet?

There is no strict rule about which hand to wear a black onyx bracelet. In spiritual traditions like Hinduism and Buddhism, the right hand is often considered the giving hand, representing your outgoing energy, while the left hand is the receiving hand, representing your inner self.

However, in modern practices, it ultimately depends on your personal preference and intention. Some people prefer to wear bracelets on their left hand because it is closer to the heart, signifying their personal energy and intentions. Others choose the right hand to project their intentions and energy outward to the world.

Consider your own beliefs, cultural practices, and personal comfort when deciding which hand to wear your black onyx bracelet. The most important thing is that it feels right for you.

Is blue onyx rare?

Blue onyx is relatively rare compared to other types of onyx. Onyx itself is a variety of chalcedony, which is a microcrystalline quartz, and it is found in various colors, including black, white, brown, and occasionally blue.

The blue color in blue onyx is often achieved through dyeing or other treatments. Naturally occurring blue onyx is less common and is highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts. The scarcity of natural blue onyx makes it relatively rare in the gemstone market. If you are looking for natural blue onyx, it's important to verify the authenticity and source before making a purchase.

Ready for some Onyx?

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