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What is the Meaning of Angel Number 222?

Does the number 22 keep showing up in your life?

Have you been paying attention to the repeating number 222 in your life? This number sequence is a message from the angelic realm, reminding you that important decisions are a major theme for you at this moment. Good luck in finding your center and taking a deep breath to assess your options.

Amethyst Crystal Meaning and Uses

The magic of amethyst crystal has been known for centuries. Here is a deep dive into a potent crystal ally to have by your side and one that people tend to encounter pretty early on in their journey with gemstones. With its unique history, healing properties, uses, and meanings, let's get deep with amethyst. 

Crystals for the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

There is a special Full Moon in Taurus on November 19th that occurs under the frequency of a Partial Lunar Eclipse. During this time in particular there is an interesting mix of grounded and frenetic energy that is present.

8 Divine Crystals for Crown Chakra Healing and Activation

The Crown chakra is associated with purple and white, representing the ethereal energy of spiritual awakening. Here we are exploring crystals that resonate with the color frequencies of the Crown chakra. Some crystals contain both Crown Chakra frequencies and additional colors, such as the earthy tones of Labradorite and the pinkier tones of Lepidolite. These stones’ colors indicate that they are helpful in supporting multiple energy centers at once and can be turned to for creating a spiritual flow between the different chakras. 

The 5 Best Crystals for Meditation and How To Use Them

Crystal healing has been a staple practice for many spiritualists for decades. Crystals enhance and heal our own energy and connect us to the natural world. They are a powerful spiritual tool and therefore are great to be used in meditation. But what are the best crystals for meditation, and how can we use them in order to fully harness the powers of the crystals? 

Best Crystals for attracting money & prosperity

Keeping the right crystals close to you will assist in raising your energetic vibrations and knowing which stones to use for attracting wealth and abundance is key to manifesting money. Read on to find out which seven best crystals for manifesting money will help you to shift your limiting beliefs around abundance.

Home Numerology: Get to Know the Energetic Imprint of Your Space

Home Numerology: Get to Know the Energetic Imprint of Your Space Most of us are familiar with the experience of selecting a new dwelling. And more often than not, that process requires a substantial expenditure...